How Global Warming Affects Humans

The term “global warming” becomes more popular in this century. The human beings are great dependents of the nature, but the human beings using the natural resources provided by the mother Earth listlessly and putting themselves into chaos. The process continued to an extent that they can never be re-usable or replenished.

            The human beings already polluted the environment with many kinds of unnatural, organic impurities and never cared about keeping the balance of the nature. This lead to imbalance of nature and many kinds of biological species are endangered to the point of extinction, some are already extinct.

            The people of the earth destroyed most parts of the blue planet with their unwisely doings. They started with hunting the species and spreading the impurities in possible way on the earth. Waters, lands, air, biological species, forests, everything… everything affected by the human’s actions.

            As the nature losing its balance, the results of polluted nature are strongly hitting the live styles of humans of the last few centuries. We already know the many kinds of causes for global warming; let us observe some results of the causes.

Deforestation and Consequences

In early days the humans used the trees for listless desires and needs. It started as race every country made their mistake in protecting the forests. Instead of keeping the forest safety, they cut down the trees in large scale for industrial productions. This lead to soil erosion, the tree roots, keeps the soil in good health condition and don’t let soil lost minerals from the soil. Due to this when the rain falls heavily the ground can’t hold plenty water as they’re in no intermediates, waters flow like floods. This result has been faced by many countries and cities already. Many people lost their lives, homes in floods.

Increase in Sea Level

As the earth warms up the sea level is also increasing, this more dangerous truth that many people accepting. The studies say the Earth is warming up half degree centigrade for each 10 year span, resulting the globally the temperatures raised tremendously. Due to this reason the ice is staring to melt in large scale at both poles, increased in water levels. Due to temperature increase sea waters also resulted to many kinds of water creatures extinction.


The incidents of wild fires also increased in this century. We can observe these incidents in large no in the western US and Mexico in the summer and wildfire seasons. The reason for these results is climate warming, as the climate is warming up humidity levels are changing, in empty and dry areas the air heats up in the high range. The hot air in collision with small fire can lead a danger wild fire accident. It spreads in past face and burns the entire surrounding region till the wind speed decreases.

Hot Air Waves

The increase in the global temperatures also resulting air wave conditions. The air waves also getting heated up, these waves’ gains the extreme speeds and travels with high speed which can damage normal human lives and animal lives also.

Impurity Levels Increased in the Air

The industrializations, increase vehicle usage, organic gases released into the environment, dust particles in hot air lead to pollution of air. The air is already polluted with lots of impurities from the human actions, resulted in poor air conditions. This can be more likely to observe in urban areas than rural. In urban areas the higher levels of carbons in the air cause many kinds diseases in human health conditions like asthma, allergies, skin diseases.

Polluted Water

The regions of industrial areas are more affected areas of this problem more than other areas. From the centuries back the humans started to release the all kinds of wastages in to waters. Some go to nearest canals, rivers, finally, into the seas. Every year there are tons of plastic, organic, poisonous materials are released into the water. These actions of humans polluted the waters more than anything in the world. Many kinds of water based creatures are extinct because of these poisonous waters, in some rural area’s industries directly releases the harmful materials into the water, which are to be used by the local people as the drinking water. This water of high toxic rates, by drinking these water people lost their lives. This water can create lungs diseases, vocal problems, liver diseases and blood related diseases.