How to Choose the Right Dog Waste Station for Your Area?

If you are an owner or Manager of a large property then you may be concerned about cleanliness of the area around your property. If people in that area have pets then you have to ensure that pet waste stations are suitably located in your area. This will enable you to keep the surroundings clean so that people staying nearby remain safe. These days, in the market you can get different kinds of pet waste stations and therefore you must consider the following while making the selection.

Make arrangement for enough dog waste bags

If you are managing any residential complexes or any vet clinic then there will certainly be many pet dogs around your place. Therefore, you need to make a reliable and durable arrangement to pick up their waste. You have to make arrangement so that there is enough supply of pick up bags available so that the residents, who have dogs, can use them and keep the surrounding clean. These bags must be thick enough and durable too so that people can use them conveniently.

Waste bag dispensers

There must be waste bag dispensers, so that the pet owners can conveniently use them. You must therefore choose suitable dispenser that should easily meet the needs of pet owners staying in your area. You can install these dispensers at various locations with clear instructions, so that people can pick up conveniently.

Install suitable pet waste stations     

The pet waste stations must collect waste bags and must have suitable dog waste dispenser. There should also be dog poop receptacle in the pet waste station. Now, the question is –

Where can I buy a dog waste system? There are many companies that can supply you such stations made out of aluminium.

These waste stations should be properly installed with proper base, so that people can easily pick up the trash and also they are easily maintainable. When you are looking for these stations then choose one, which can withstand various harsh conditions of the weather outside.

Depending upon the population of pets, you have to decide how many stations you must install in your area. If it is a small clinic then just installing one station may be good enough. However, if you have to install in any residential complexes then you have to consider installing several numbers at various selected locations.

The idea of installing such pet waste stations is to keep your property a pet friendly area. At the same time, the guests and residents of the locality will find a clean and enjoyable place to live. The pet owners will also be always thankful to you.

Station must have lids

It is most important to have a proper lid for the waste station so that the water may not get deposited inside the station. The water can mix with the dog waste and can pose danger to the surroundings. Lid will also prevent rodent and insects from entering the station and spread parasites.