Decorating Trends For 2015

In recent months, fashion shows and most important internationally, Furniture stores exhibition gave us a taste of what will be on trend, at least for the block spring-summer

We share three simple concepts of styles, colors and accessories to transform your home this 2015 brand new look.

1. The Styles in Trend

The stream will return to nature with great force. This is a style characterized by availing balanced and moderate spaces.

The current ecofriendly, based on the premise of generating the least damage to our environment, is also part of the interior. The oriental style is a great choice for the replacement of furniture, both for home or the office in accordance with this lifestyle.

For this, it is not necessary to give a total twist to the decor of your home, ecofriendly stream is mixed well with the rustic style. The low-slung furniture finished in light wood and smooth surfaces, plus bamboo and rattan, natural touch can give your home that requires consistent with the spring and summer period.

In contrast and a touch more masculine is the industrial style, which has its origins in New York in the 50s, when young artists and students began to occupy abandoned factories, depots and warehouses. The main features of these spaces were high ceilings and concrete, brick, exposed pipe and few partitions, providing extensive.

This stream is stylized with the passage of time until perfectly habitable spaces and unparalleled aesthetics. This trend in home room will strongly in 2015, especially in young adults looking for a unique and easy to clean.

Decorating Trends For 2015

2. The Colorimetric Spring

This sophisticated and neutral color enters into perfect harmony if used in small doses to the aforementioned styles. You can add to details like bath towels under the tables and the lampshades.

On the other hand, the bronze and silver come with great force in the decorative details of many chords movable parts with a more classic style. For more sparkling and cheerful personalities turquoise yellow tone and vanilla have a strong presence throughout the year.

3. The Right Accessories

The mirrors with frames in light wood, metal or bronze and silver are basic. Clear and finished rugs that do not qualify dust, are ideal for your shoes and enjoy the house in a different way. The more stylized than we’ve seen so far in light colors, low stools, and puffs also be an object highly contested.

Follow these simple tips for your home. Remember, being fashionable does not require change everything, nor follow them to the letter, slowly introduce these elements and notice how the energy and sense of a new beginning positively impact your daily life.