Apple iOS 8: New Changes, Features and Functionality

With the launch of new Apple iOS, every year Apple adds new changes, features and functionality. Most recent launched iOS was iOS 8, which contains lots of changes, features and new functions in the old apps.

Instant Hotspot: This function allows you to use your iPhone as a modem without even taking it out of pocket. Once you make a connection between the two devices, you can enable it from the device the consumer as soon as the donor will be in the range of a connection.

Metal Technology: In fact, this API for developers, which provides low-level access to the GPU. In fact, ordinary developers will not use this option, but they will work with the game engine, which, in turn, will be built with the Metal. On the support technology already declared the leading market players – Electronic Arts, Unity, Cry Engine and others.

Apple iOS 8: New Changes, Features and Functionality

Swift: With iOS 8 introduced a new programming language developed by Apple. With optimized syntax it can significantly reduce the amount of code (consequently, the number of errors in it), as well as the processor compiles twice faster than its predecessor Objective-C. The only negative – the use of Swift significantly complicates for developers to port applications to other platforms.

SDK and API: In addition, the developers got a lot of new tools for more effective work on products designed for iOS 8. Among them – Cloud Kit (for server utilization Apple), Home Kit (for the development of software and devices, “smart home”), and more. Search Spotlight is now able to offer relevant results from Wikipedia, News, App Store, iBooks, etc.

Moreover, The control point has a new design with less sharp features. Also Version iOS 8 for iPhone 6 Plus will work in landscape mode.

In the multitasking panel upper part of the screen is now engaged in active contact icons. The application iBooks was in iOS 8 native; the window to create a new letter to the Post can now roll to work with incoming messages; Owners of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s in the US will now be able to make payments on the Web by Touch ID; Keyboard of iPhone and iPhone 6, 6 Plus have received additional function keys “Cancel”, “Copy”, “Paste” and others.

In the standard iPhone keyboard of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus increased the number of keys. In Safari there was a button to switch from mobile to the full version of web pages and safe search DuckDuckGo. New application tips will help novice users to familiarize yourself with the system.

Fonts in Music became more bold; In the App Store an opportunity to purchase a batch applications, and videos in the descriptions of applications.

This was all about the changes and new functionality that has been added to hit is difficult to imagine a user who remain dissatisfied with the new operating system (although these, of course, there will be) – the developers did not cut, but only increased their functional platform, all design changes have taken place for the better, but the most important thing is waiting for us ahead. And next year we would see something better next year with Apple iOS 9 in June 2015.