5 Must Haves For Your Server Room

Your server room may just function as the nucleus of your business. With all information associated with the company coming in and out of this location, you need to make sure you are properly situated with the very best gear for your needs.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to go out and buy the most expensive hardware available and every single piece of hardware that is possibly available. Instead, you need to focus on these very specific features. You are free to build off of these elements, but, no matter what, in order to have a quality server room that not only is built for data storage but for your company’s longevity, make sure to house all of this data center hardware on site.

Climate Control

Climate control is more than just something you want to see in your next automobile. It is a very important feature to have in your data center as well. With all of the equipment running at all times, your network hardware eventually runs hot. With potentially dozens, if not hundreds of pieces of equipment in a single room, this is going to drastically raise the temperature, which also reduces the dependability of your equipment.

Climate control is one of the most important elements your server room needs. There are different methods for cooling the equipment, the hot/aisle- cool/aisle cooling method is becoming increasingly popular.

Physical Security

Yes, you’d like to assume nobody would dare tamper with your server room. In most cases, the majority of people are not going to, but you need to protect yourself either way. From potential hackers on site who want to obtain valuable information to just knowing who the last person to log into the server room’s main computer, physical security can help you with this.

This includes a 360-degree security system , concrete flooring and no easy access into the server room. A security door with a lock are also musts for the room (a double-door or wide maintenance style of door is probably the best way to go, as this allows you to bring in and out all of your hardware without taking it apart before and after).

LAN-Connected Recording

This goes beyond cable management techniques for handling your server room’s miles of cabling. You want LAN-connected recording hardware connected to your wiring and hardware along with time stamp sensors.

This kind of security is cheap, easy to install and is able to monitor the humidity, temperature, door status and even a Web camera installed in the room, so that you can monitor all elements of the server room from any Internet based device in the world.

Boosted Lighting

Ideally, you want boosted lighting that is able to cover the entire room. The raised lighting allows the light to expand and give the very best exposure to the room. This way, while dealing with the servers and racks, you can see everything clearly, without any sort of shadow making it difficult.

Raised Flooring

If you have a larger server room, this makes it easier to cool the equipment. In addition, it provides room for cable management techniques to help you to eliminate that proverbial rats nest.

+Katrina is a product specialist, solving issues for your computer server and power needs at Racksolutions.com