Understanding Mind And Consciousness

Sometimes we have an idea, new thought or that marvellous eureka moment. All of these come from our mind and it is important to understand about our mind better. Our mind isn’t made of particles, atoms or molecules; yet it defines our existence as intelligent organism. It allows us to remember when we fell off our bicycles ten years ago. Our mind is the bridge that closes the gap between our present moment and a few decades ago.

Our mind isn’t synonymous with soul. In fact, our mind requires energy to operate and it will cease to exist if our brain is deprived of oxygen. It will be destroyed if our brain is damaged beyond repair.

Understanding Mind And Consciousness

Our mind is a repository of both voluntary and non-autonomous controls we have over our body. It also controls any quasi-voluntary functions, such as dozing off while we are sleeping or breathing. The mind manages our memory and based on the wealth amount of data, it helps is make decisions. We often divide our mind into conscious and subconscious minds. In essence, our mind comprises of everything that makes us and it’s simply the essence of us.

To controls our understanding, thinking, emotions, creativity, memories, knowledge and perceptions. Unfortunately, like many things in this world, our mind will deteriorate. Cars break down, desks get cluttered, dust accumulates on a table, stars run out of fuel and our mind could get hazy. To keep the dreaded entropy at bay, people often advise us to eat healthy food, exercise and keep our mind active.

Although entropy will ultimately win the war, we could have a sharp mind longer than other people. Common diseases like Alzheimer can incapacitate our mind when we get old.

Our mind also creates consciousness. All living things have consciousness and it helps them to respond to common stimuli. From their conception to the day when our brain dies, we feel and respond to many stimuli, including temperature swings and gravity. Consciousness also defines awareness of our surroundings. We are aware when we hear noises and we need our conscious mind to identify them. We will know whether it is a jet plane flying overhead, door slammed, dog barking or lightning strikes a nearby tree.

Our self-awareness can be sharpened by things that we draw down upon our experience. It allows us to make proper actions, such as calling the ambulance when cars crash and secure our belongings if thunderstorm is coming. It is debatable whether our self-awareness is present at the cellular level; but microbes also respond to internal and external stimuli.

Obviously, mammal is much more self aware than a pine tree, but plant can respond to stimuli. A rock can’t be called a living organism, since it won’t respond to stimuli. Try as we might, we would never be able to teach our cat the simplest basic of math, but it still responds to stimuli. Cat behaves and interacts in its own way and it doesn’t really need high-level comprehension to survive.

Universe is a vast existence and many experts believe that mind and intelligence is its highest accomplishment, because something can finally comprehend the existence of the universe itself.

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