Google Rolls 3 Cheap Android One Smartphones In India At Price $105

Google Android Smartphones are rolling out in India at the cost of $105 which is almost 6,500 Indian rupees. Google is expecting that the Google Android one will bring new trend and good fame for a smartphone like never before.

A few months earlier June 2014 Google announced its annual I/O developers, the idea of the Google Smartphones is to develop High-Quality with a great Quantity in it, and the other idea is this latest Google Android One phone is as accessible to as many people in as many places as possible. This Plan of Google is about providing knowledge over the interconnection in a smartphone.

Knowledge is the game changer and he is inspired by the Internet and how it opens and finds a way to opportunity. The Google Gives the same information in Nobel Laureate at the world class research center and it does to young students at the rural school in Indonesia said Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome & Apps at GoogleSundarPichai.

According to the market sale worldwide, almost 1.75 billion people are using smartphones; people are being online and getting information today, this is increasingly shown only with smartphones. Peace said that there are more 5 billion more that do not have a smartphone.

Google Rolls 3 Cheap Android One Smartphones In India At Price $105

And SundarPichai said that this means over 5 Billion people use only phones for voice calls only rather that connect with video chat or using Maps to find the nearest places like hospitals, hotels or easy way to search the web. Pichai said that “We want to bring these experiences to more people”.

Countries like India, Philippines or Indonesia it is hard for them to purchase high-Quality smartphones, and this Google Android One will be great with all features comparing all latest smartphone running in the markets these days. People are little worried to purchase a branded smartphone, some of these countries average monthly income is around 250$ which means 15,000 Indian rupees. Google is planning Android One will be available with all top features and latest operating system included in it with all following latest updates around and also for a reasonable price for every common man.

Pichai said that today’s smartphones are having problems like not having software updates and eventually loosing many attraction applications to use, there are issues like connectivity with these problems. When people go for 3G and 4G network they have device support problems, keeping this entire thing in mind Google developers Android One aims to help tackle these challenges,” Pichai said.

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