Should You Buy Your Teen A Vehicle?

There are many important decisions you have to make when you are a parent.

That being the case, what will you do when your teen wants to drive or has been driving and want their wheels?

While some parents will not hesitate to buy their teen a vehicle, others will think twice.

Should You Buy Your Teen A Vehicle

So, where will you lean if this decision presents itself to you?

Always Keep Safety in the Front Seat

If thinking of buying a vehicle for your teen, always keep safety in the front seat.

With teens having less driving experience, it is important to research what is out there.

One way to go about it is to do a free vehicle history report online.

Such a report can often provide you any of the following information:

  • Accident history – Knowing the accident history of a vehicle you may want to buy is crucial. You do not want to buy something that has been in one or more serious accidents. That said dig into the report to see if any accidents have made the vehicle less safe.
  • Recall history – If a vehicle you may think of buying for your teen to drive has a recall history, such info is key to know. Recalls can vary from mild to rather important. If you are thinking of buying a used auto and it has had one or more serious recalls, you need to know about them.

The bottom line is doing the research and feeling better about the decision you make on buying a vehicle.

Preach Driving Safety to Them

Even once you have bought a vehicle for your son or daughter to drive, the work does not end there.

That said you need to preach driving safety to them. Failure to do this could lead them into an accident. That of course would be something you regret for a long time to come.

In focusing on driving safety for your teen, hammer home the following:

  • Avoid distractions – Above all else, avoid distractions when behind the wheel. For instance, no cell phone use when driving is key. It only takes a second or two to lose control of the vehicle when one is playing around with a cell phone.
  • Obey the laws – It is also important for your teen to obey the laws of the road. Not doing so can put them and others in danger. Be sure they obey things like speed limits, using turn signals, not tailgating and more.
  • Drinking and driving – One of the biggest fears many parents have when it comes to their teens is alcohol. With that in mind, drive home that it is never a good idea to drink and drive. It only takes one drink too many to cause a deadly outcome. This is especially true during prom and graduation seasons.

If driving off with a used car makes sense, then go ahead and go for it.

If buying something new is a better option, go in that direction.

The key is to decide if a vehicle is needed and then buy the best one for your teen to get behind the wheel of.

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