5 Great New Year’s Eve Parties Around The World

How did it even happen that New Year is near? 2017 has only started, and we are now on the threshold of 2018. Anyway, no time for philosophy – you have to decide where you are going to celebrate it because the way you meet the New Year is going to be the way you are going to spend the rest of it. We have prepared an article with five great New Year ’s Eve parties around the world. Are you interested? Then keep on reading!


If you have never seen London and decided to come here for the New Year’s Eve, you will see the city at its finest. The central part is extremely entertaining, however, the best part happens around the Thames River. Thousands of visitors are drawn to the London Eye where the midnight fireworks show is launched. Unfortunately, to watch the fireworks near Big Ben is not free – you will have to pay approximately £10. That is why if you find this expensive and you do not want to stand in the crowd, we advise you to watch the even on the big screens on Trafalgar and Parliament squares – the atmosphere is just as festive as near Big Ben, and there are not as many people there.

New York

This city has one of the most festive atmospheres for the New Year’s Eve in the world! The whole city looks beautiful – streets are decorated in such a manner that it feels as if you are looking at the postcard. The most important celebration happens in Times Square where the hosts are entertaining the public and the famous singers perform. Taking into account there are approximately a million people gathering there, we advise you to arrive beforehand.

And when we say beforehand, we really mean it – arriving by noon would be perfect. You will be able to stand in the best spot and see what is happening on the scene perfectly. Do not forget to bring some food with you or eat properly beforehand – all the hot dog carts are removed to free the area for the celebration. Of course, you can visit the restaurant, but the waiting time can last for hours.

5 Great New Year's Eve Parties Around The World


This city is famous for partying the whole year – can you imagine how festive the atmosphere is on the New Year’s Eve? Hold on, do not tell us you do not want to even hear about the partying because you are overloaded with the academic assignments? Check our coursework writing service and keep on reading where you can celebrate the New Year’s Eve and not worry about essays. Okay, Berlin! The celebration happens in the so-called “Party Mile” – a two-kilometer area with bars, music stages, and party tents between Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column. After midnight, people drift away to the different clubs with dance floors and have a good time until the dawn and even later.


If you happened to be in this beautiful city on the New Year’s Eve, you are the lucky person. You might pay a lot for the lodging, however, the impressions you are going to get will be worth it. What places to visit in Paris on the New Year’s Eve? Well, you have many options because the center of Paris is a relative concept – beautiful things are spread throughout the whole city. You can go and see the Eiffel Tower with the light show and fireworks. You can have a walk along the Champs-Élysées and enjoy the beautifully decorated shop windows. The last but not least option is to go to Montmartre – it offers an amazing view on the fireworks, and it is less crowded than the first two options.


Prague is not only one of the oldest cities in Europe, but it is also considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The main celebration happens mostly at Wenceslas and Old Town Square. Watching fireworks appearing near the bridges and embankments is a completely magical experience, and you will never forget this New Year’s Eve. Wenceslas Square can be a bit dangerous though – many drunk tourists launch the fireworks unsafely.

There a lot of police officers here and there, but accidents still happen. We also advise you to ignore people on the streets offering to visit the particular pubs after midnight. Believe us, the good pubs do not need such promoting – people love them anyway. But the mediocre pubs do, and people inviting you to visit these places are usually paid for each person entering the pub from their invitation.

The post is written by Joseph Sartori.

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