How to Add Some Flair to Your Office Space

For some of us, the office is not only the place where we do business, it’s the space where we spend most of our time. The average person spends 90,000 hours at work. So, why not add some flair to your office space? You can personalize your space, add some plants and have some refreshments for any guests who may come waltzing down your aisle or into your office space.

Personalize your space

Own your space by personalizing it! Bring some family photos from home to hang on the walls of your space or even place them in frames on a shelf or on your desk. Bring in your own chair, cups or even special lighting, such as lava lamps if your employer will allow it. You can also personalize everyday items such as custom printed folders. This way, no one will ever wonder whose proposal is in that fancy folder, because you can customize the folders with your name, logo or even an image of yourself.

Add foliage

Everyone thinks about putting plants in their homes, but it is also customary to have foliage in the office. Plants bring your surroundings to life with color. If you get bored at work, you can always look at your foliage and imagine you’re somewhere else, like a tropical island or somewhere in the jungle. Plants also help reduce noise in the workplace by absorbing the sound. Who knew that a ficus could help you concentrate better? Typical office plants include small shrubbery like ferns, but some interesting-looking greenery is small enough to live on a desk, such as a Venus flytrap, a money tree or even a bonsai.


These days, even your Uber driver offers water, so why not have refreshments in your office? You don’t need a mini fridge in your office space — just have an assortment of teas in your drawer. Teas always come in handy on a cold day and also when someone isn’t feeling well. A spot of peppermint tea can help when your stomach isn’t in the mood to work.

If you’re not working in a field where you have to worry about the safety of yourself and others, and if you’re not driving, having alcohol in your office can be beneficial. Sometimes alcohol can diffuse a difficult situation by easing tensions. It also has been shown that drinking alcohol and coffee help you live past 90. Head over to the liquor store and pick up a nice bottle of cognac or whiskey just to keep in a decorative decanter. Even if your business associates decline a drink of your expensive alcoholic beverages, they will see your choice in alcohol and decanter and immediately know that you value quality.

Making little changes to your office space can really change the mood of the atmosphere and even other employees. When co-workers walk by a well-decorated desk, they can see how much of a family person you are or even how much you really love your dog! Adding a personal touch to your space can be inviting to co-workers to spark up a conversation. Who doesn’t love miniature plants? Just think about how many admirers will adore your mini roses or bonsai as they walk by. Just having a variety of teas or refreshments in your office space can make you a better worker, and sometimes a little spunky tea can get you through those last two hours of a tough day. Whatever you choose to add to your office space will definitely add some flair to your otherwise dull space.

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