Improving Email Deliverability: How Do Validator Solutions Work?

A simple question. Would you continue driving your car without tuning the engine or changing the oil? Obviously not, you’d encounter serious performance issues. In a similar way, your outgoing mail service deserves a tune-up once in a while. You take the trouble of building a huge database of company addresses, email addresses, and contact numbers of customers. You want to improve customer outreach. You need to deliver promotional materials and offers that help you grow your business. If a good chunk of customer addresses are obsolete, fake, or abandoned, your important communications would be wasted. You need an actionable database that lists only valid customer addresses. That’s why it’s important that you understand how email validator solutions work.

Reverting to our car example, when it’s time for a check-up, you make a beeline for the automobile service center because they’re equipped with the tools and technology required to service your car. In the same manner, tuning your email service, sanitizing your customer listings, and improving the deliverability of your communications is the primary focus of professional email validator services.

At this point you may be thinking, give me a standard JavaScript email address validation script and I can get the job done without breaking a sweat. So, what’s the big deal? Just humor us by holding that thought.

A lot of businessmen aren’t aware of the drawbacks of standard validation practices. Using the client-side JavaScript to validate addresses is a very basic protocol that allows tons of bogus addresses like through the gates endlessly. The sophisticated contact validator does a thorough job using advanced algorithms, and screens data through multiple layers of rules, parameters, and tests, to create an actionable customer database.

How Do Validator Solutions Benefit You?

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the validator solution applies sophisticated techniques to confirm whether a company address, an email address, or a contact number is genuine and active. Once the address is validated, you can send communications knowing they will reach their intended destination.

When your customer data is sanitized and free of bad addresses and contacts, your emails will no longer bounce back to you, undelivered. A reduced bounce rate protects your reputation and earns points in Google’s search ranking algorithms.

Validation solutions help you seamlessly execute bulk mailing lists by verifying addresses in real-time. Fake sign-ups, bogus contact numbers, wrong company addresses, and invalid emails will never populate and destroy the quality of your mailing lists. Your database will have only healthy and active customer addresses, and that’s a great boost for any marketing plan.

Where Do You Apply a Validation Solution?

For a digital marketing team, a customer’s phone number, company address or email offers an invaluable gateway to encourage online purchases, share product updates, and communicate offers. Obviously, you need validating solutions that sift the bad data from the healthy ones. Validation has to be an ongoing process that detects and deletes invalid addresses, keeping only the active addresses that are of value.

Validating Solutions for Telephone Numbers

The mobile number of a customer is an invaluable resource. Customers can’t do without it. It’s useful for signing up for services, purchasing products, and for availing offers. The mobile number is also a marketer’s dream. The validator offers invaluable assistance in sanitizing listings and gives you only those numbers that are active and can receive your promotional emails.

Telephone number validation solutions give you multiple benefits:
  • You know for sure that the number will take a promotional call.
  • You’re in a position to time your offers, targeting a select demographic.
  • You can customize your conversational promotion to suit either the landline or the mobile.
  • A call center wastes less time holding on to bad calls that may never materialize.
  • You get an opportunity to dial genuine customers with offers that potentially create a delightful customer experience.

Validating Solutions for Emails

The email is not just a tool for customers to communicate with others. It’s a gateway for registering on websites, signing up for informative newsletters, and for receiving offers, bargains, and discounts. A validated and genuine email listing is a vital cog in the business marketing wheel. But a communication that bounces off an invalid address is time, money, and energy wasted for a business.

Email validation bestows many benefits for businesses:
  • It corrects syntax errors; even if a customer misspells his address, you receive his validated address for communication.
  • It deletes bogus, fictitious, and spammy addresses to effectively reduce email bounce rate.
  • It checks the domain mail exchange record of the customer to ensure your email delivery gets prioritized.
  • It checks the SMTP server to detect if mail addresses are fake or genuine.

Email validation solutions help you handle hundreds of thousands of addresses, sparing you the tedium of having to check each customer address manually.

Validating Solutions for Addresses

The company or customer address is crucial to marketers because any mistake in that domain means that a shipment may return undelivered, thereby burdening the sender (you) with additional costs. One popular validation solution is to merge a validator into a contact form to capture the true address of a customer despite misspellings and wrong codes. Even a wrongly entered address can be rectified when it is cross-checked with the encyclopedic USPS database. This way, you’ll know if you’re communicating with a business or residential address, and change your courier service accordingly.

Address validation offers many solutions to correct typos and arrive at correct addresses:
  • It will find the missing names.
  • It will correct street names that are wrongly entered.
  • It will locate missing apartment and suite numbers.

It skillfully segregates information when too much data is entered in a field.

  • It makes up for keyboard errors that substitute symbols for words.

How Exactly Does the Validation Solution Work?

Both Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Email Service Providers (ESPs) follow a protocol that identifies and blocks mail sources that appear and behave like spam. If your email listings are clogged with defective addresses resulting in higher bounce rates for your outgoing mails, your risk ISPs and ESPs flagging you as a spammer.

Needless to say, this is very bad for your reputation and may result in the suspension of mail services. The email validator, by sanitizing defective addresses, protects your reputation even as it ensures higher mail deliverability.

This is how validation services work:

#Step1: Address Validation at Work: Checking Syntax and Formatting

Syntax refers to the way we use symbols, characters, and words to string an email address together. It is not as simple as it looks. There are standardized email formatting protocols that must be followed if email service providers have to approve mail forwarding.

Some examples of invalid email addresses are;,, and 1verifyme@ (Yahoo doesn’t take kindly to mail addresses starting with a number). It may look simple but it needs complex algorithmic calculations to get address validation done in nanoseconds what would take you days to accomplish manually.

#Step2: Address Validation at Work: Confirming the Domain of the Receiving Address

Once the email address syntax is confirmed and the format follows standardized norms, the next step is to ensure we are not dealing with a bogus or fictitious entity. For that, the validator goes through the DNS records of the domain of the receiver. Then it examines the mail exchanger (MX) to locate the domain mail service that’s responsible for overseeing the customer’s mail. This confirms that the mailbox is active.  If this stage checks out, you can be sure that the recipient box will receive your emails.

#Step3: Address Validation at Work: Validating the Receiver’s Mailbox

Till now, the validator has given the green signal to syntax and formatting of the email, and we’ve checked the domain of the receiver. The validator then checks the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to verify if the receiver’s mailbox is a valid entity that can receive emails. This final step rules out bogus, spam, and fictitious mail addresses.

All three steps are gone through by the validator without sending a single mail to the customer’s address, and the whole process is finalized within nanoseconds. If the validator has a torrid time with busy servers or encounters anti-spam protocols of mails service providers, it subjects the address to a more detailed review but prevents such addresses from populating company mail listings.

The validation service’s detailed review will eliminate bad addresses through multiple layer checking protocols:
  • Eliminates duplicate mailing addresses that would otherwise bulk up mail listings.
  • Avoids “role accounts” that are private company addresses not intended for receiving emails.
  • Detects catch-all email servers that could be overloaded with spam rendering them potentially useless for marketers.
  • It avoids temporary email addresses that are designed to catch and neutralize spam. This is not a useful address for marketers.
  • Detects and avoids spam traps that would otherwise report your mail as spam and penalize you.


From the simplest to the most sophisticated, email validation services deliver what no manual system of address checking can achieve. When you use professional validation solutions, you’re leveraging high technology in weeding out defective customer addresses. You’re creating and maintaining a healthy listing of genuine customers that are more likely to respond to your masterful marketing maneuvers. There are potentially millions of customers that read their emails very seriously. Why not give your marketing efforts that extra technological push to ensure your communication reaches out and taps that huge market?

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