Unique and Affordable Gift Ideas

Birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays are awesome times of celebration. They can also be times to show your loved ones how much you care with the perfect gift. Thanks to online idea boards and unique new boutiques and stores, you’ll find plenty of unique gift ideas for the unique people you want to please. Don’t be caught giving away socks and undershirts again this year. Instead, find a way to personalize a gift or find something that can keep on giving. You have affordable ways to give gifts of clothing, personalized crafts, food, and vintage items.


Now, clothing can seem like a typical gift, but you can find easy ways to personalize a gift to add to someone’s wardrobe. Smaller boutiques and online services provide creative and unique pieces that are sure to let a friend’s style stand out. Many online shopping businesses provide anything from graphic tees of your favorite band to cute maxi dresses. And big business such as Target liquidation offer resale merchandise at more affordable prices. Keep up with the current styles and edgy new fashions. You’ll feel great watching your friends or family walk around in a unique item you picked out especially for them.

Personalized DIYs

One of the easiest ways to give affordable gifts are to create them yourself. Do-it-yourself items are easy and a way to show your friends how much you appreciate them by using your own two hands to create something perfect. DIY gifts are no longer just little trinkets to put on your bedside table, but you can make useful items as well that your friends will actually want and use. Don’t worry if you may not be good at crafts. So many websites will walk you through making your craft step by step. Plus, you can make your gift as complicated or as simple as you need. Anything from a personally sewn pillow to a decorated picture frame to a handmade body wash would show your love and appreciation. The simpler you go, the more affordable your gift. Take some old clothespins or scraps of fabric sitting around your house and make something new and beautiful. The gift will look great, and your wallet will still be happy.


Eating and food are staples of life. Giving unique or homemade food items can be another way to give a personalized gift. Perhaps your friend has been dying to get your family’s old chocolate chip cookie recipe?  Making a batch and handing over the recipe can be an easy, affordable way to give them a gift they’ll really love. Nowadays, you can find so many food subscription services, food baskets, and, for Christmas, a sensible food or wine advent calendar. Again, this is a gift that will keep on giving throughout a month or even a year. It can be affordable for you to gift a subscription service as well, because your payments will be spread out throughout the year. So many people love food, so why not give them a gift of their favorite foods and beverages that they can enjoy?

Vintage Items

Some of the most unique gifts you can find are in unconventional places. Thrift stores or garage sales sometimes offer unique items for low prices. Perhaps you are buying for a lover of classic rock music. Chances are good that you’ll find a vintage store around you with plenty of old records and maybe even some memorabilia. This form of shopping can take patience to find the perfect gift, but it can be worth it. History and sentimentality behind items immediately increases the value. Therefore, you have an affordable gift that is incredibly personal and unique for the recipient.

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