The future is in electronics only, agree?

At a certain age, the choice of a career becomes much important. There are options in the field of IT and electronics also where they can offer an excellent career to the learner after certain training.

VLSI based companies have introduced six weeks/45 days summer internship and training programmes for the students. These programmes are unique in approach and are kept keeping in mind the conditions of the market in terms of job prospects and higher education.

Summer internship in VLSI design becomes a chance for the students to learn and practice the industry skills and prepare themselves for a better opportunity in the same career.

Benefits of summer internship:

  • It includes spearheading innovative approaches in redefining the electronic system design and manufacturing in India.
  • Students will get an opportunity to interact with VLSI industry, embedded system/software.
  • It has many interactive sessions and practical hands-on approaches in the field of design.
  • There are many different sessions like doubt clearing and career guidance which are available to the students after the end of the seminar.
  • Summer internship and training participants who are access to 24*7 in the learning management system can also be used for the learning skills online, and creation of competency in mere future becomes easy and flexible.
  • Summer internship programme also adds an opportunity to the top performers of the session to undergo exhaustive six-month industrial internship at the company.

Unique features of a summer internship in VLSI:

  • Training is given on the latest technology with the practical exposure.
  • Providing extensive project-based learning.
  • Different modules are designed keeping in mind the other industrial expectations.
  • Inculcation of small batches for better understanding.
  • Providing learning management system based training.
  • Basic language study material for the better understanding to the students.
  • Job assistance to the students of internship in the core domain.
  • Facilitating training from the industry experts on the latest technology.
  • Providing the learning of the modules from the basics.

VLSI summer internship has many jobs to provide to the students for the sake of their training and getting them the better placements and also pay so that they can work on their career and make it successful as they desire it to be.

Some of the jobs offered are:

  • VLSI chip design: It focuses on the chip design and product company focused on the robotics, mechatronics, software-based cloud computing, VLSI design, embedded systems.
  • IoT and embedded systems: The modules are kept keeping in mind the market conditions in the terms of job prospects and the higher education.
  • Robotics: It is based on AVR and Arduino and covers more than 30 projects and also has an option to purchase hardware kit at the very subsidized rate.
  • Specialized training and IoT: It is about the internet of things that has end-to-end solutions and requires basic OS functionality like drivers, devices security and provisional support and also includes IP networking and so on.

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