Minimising the Impact of Negative reviews online

A lot of factors will impact the holistic perception of a review set and will influence the customer toward or away from a purchase or engagement. For most businesses, aspiring for a perfect score is merely an unrealistic dream, and even if it is possible, it may not be desirable as having an ideal rating can reduce the overall credibility of the review set.

4 Ways negative Online Reviews Can Be Good for Your Business

If a business believes its product or service is suffering from the consequences of Negative reviews online and consumer feedback, several actions will help minimize the influence and correct a trend of decreased sales or customer engagements.

First Things First: Put Your Act Together

The first, and most essential step, as your business engages in damage control related to a negative review is to fish out the problem and correct it at an operational development level. Once the problem has been identified and addressed, the possibility of repeat negative feedback on the same problem is reduced and most likely eradicated.

Follow Up, Speak Up, Engage in

The second step, necessary to lessen the damage caused by a negative review online consists of involving the aggrieved customer with a timely, relative and contextual response that seeks to provide the individual with both an explanation and a resolution.

Make sure to take into account both spoken and unspoken concerns of the user who provided the negative feedback, as well as other individuals exposed to the feedback who might consider what was said just as they’re making a purchase decision.

Quick engagement with the reviewer gives you the final word and provides future customers with the reassurance that they are dealing with a customer-focused organization that has a willingness to listen and has a commitment to improving, based on the expressed needs of its customers.

Let Time Run Its Course

The third step in reducing the negativity effect in your online or live transactions that have been influenced by consumer feedback is to rely on the rule of decency and encourage new customers who have experienced outstanding service or received superior products to provide their feedback. (Check out Review Trackers’ new review request tool for helping you generate customer feedback!)

More recent positive feedback will often supersede and have higher perceived value than outdated negative feedback. As long as you put so much effort in product improvement and excellence when it comes to consumer discussions, you can be comforted by the knowledge that, when it comes to the negativity effect, time and hard work indeed cures everything.

As a final note, it is crucial to remember that most hard consumers look more at text than overall statistical ratings. Every customer review provides you with the golden opportunity to engage directly with potential customers and offer insights that may point new customers toward a sale and tip the balance in your favor.

Organizations aiming to manage and minimize the adverse effect effectively will seek to implement policies and processes designed to address every corner of the customer experience. The simple hack to successful online customer engagement is still very much dependent on consistency. Industry leaders should treat each online review as the first, last and most important unit of feedback. By embracing this type of culture, customers are empowered with the knowledge that their feedback truly matters.

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