How to book a conference venue

Booking a meeting or a conference venue can be a bit of challenge because the type of venue that one chooses not only conveys a lot about the credibility of the company but can also make or break the event.

So, when you are booking meeting rooms in Delhi, you have to keep certain important things in mind.


It is a very important factor which one needs to take into account. Most people look for meeting places which are close to the office headquarters but one should also consider that from where your delegates will be traveling. So, do not choose a place where it will be very difficult for them to reach or it will take too much time to reach. Choose a venue which is always located in a place which has good communication and transport links. It will make things easier and the delegates can reach the venue on time.

Size of the venue

Meeting rooms are available in various sizes. One should pick up the right size for the event. Do not go for a small space which will cause a lot of discomfort and uneasiness. Also, do not go for huge meeting rooms if too many people are not coming to join the meeting. So, it is always a good idea to confirm the number of people who will be joining that day and then book a hall or a venue. Also, choose a place depending on the equipments that are needed to be used. A good place can provide you with those facilities.


These conference rooms have to be equipped with a lot of facilities and internet access. They should have internet access, flip charts, LCD projectors, microphones, video equipment and laser pointers. So, it is always mandatory to check these things prior before booking the conference venue. Also, the toilets have to be clean and it should have proper toiletries and hygiene systems.

 Food and drink

Since some of the delegates may be traveling from a great distance and will be spending long hours in the meeting, they should be provided with proper food and beverages. This includes a proper supply of basic refreshments like water, tea, coffee and some cold drinks. Snack options should also be available there.  One should also go for a place where they can provide a proper catering service. This can help you to provide lunch to your delegates and even dinner if necessary.


Before you start looking around for conference venues, it is very important to come up with a budget that suits and you should stick to that. Different meeting venues and packages have different price lists so find out what you are expected to pay for, and whether or not there are hidden extras.


Last but not the least, there should be a proper parking area in the venue or very near to the venue. Most of the delegates might arrive in their own cars.

These are the major things that are to be considered.

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