Is Choosing Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting a Wise Move?

Cheap dedicated server hosting plans will obviously attract businesses that are looking to enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting without having to spend a fortune for them. You will find many web hosting services offering dedicated hosting plans but it is important to be aware of the risks when you decide to sign up for plans just because they are cheap.

Businesses search for cheap dedicated server hosting solutions to get enhanced security for their websites; for better performance and greater control over the servers. When you sign up for shared hosting plans, the chances of cyber attacks are huge because you have to share the server space with many other websites. The multiplicity of servers can trigger security breaches because of malicious activities in neighboring sites.

What are the risks you need to be aware of when buying cheap dedicated server hosting?

  • Whenever one hears the word “cheap” one automatically assumes that the product or service quality will be inferior. This is not always true as the term cheap can also be used to denote something which is pocket-friendly or affordably-priced. At the same time, you should not choose a package simply because it comes with an incredibly low price. Getting discounted plans is desirable as these will not compromise on the quality of solutions. But when you choose plans simply because they are incredibly cheap, you should be prepared to experience inferior services.
  • When your web pages take very long to load, you can be sure your visitors will navigate to other sites. So, when buying cheap dedicated server hosting plans, you need to ensure this does not happen. The web host must offer you high-end servers which can guarantee faster loading speeds to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • When settling for cheap dedicated server hosting solutions, you must assess hardware carefully. This is because when dedicated hardware is not of superior quality; your site performance can be negatively affected. When you have to upgrade the CPU, it is best to choose a plan accordingly. You should also consider your power requirements, hard disk requirements and bandwidth needs and ensure that the web host allows you to scale these resources up as and when needed.
  • When you choose cheap dedicated server hosting plans, you run the risks of getting poor quality technical support. So, it is important to assess the customer support facilities the hosting provider offers. The data center which hosts the data and applications should also be carefully evaluated to make sure that it can guarantee a high uptime. You should check for the response times of technical support teams in resolving a crisis. Besides, you must also check for routine security updates, firewalls and server monitoring provisions you are getting from the host.
  • Another big threat that businesses face when they choose low-priced dedicated hosting plans is the DDoS attacks. The Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks can cripple the server by flooding it with too many requests. This causes large-scale disruptions because the servers are unable to cater to these large numbers of requests and they slow down in the process. When you choose dedicated hosting, you automatically become a target for such cyber attacks. So, it is important to choose dedicated hosting which can guarantee you ample resources. Your server should also have effective firewalls to prevent malicious data from entering it.
  • Another important threat that you need to be aware of is the presence of malware on the servers. In dedicated hosting, you can install applications of your choice seamlessly. This is both a boon and a bane because it can expose the server to malware. The malware is nothing but software which has been deliberately coded for creating disruptions and stealing data from the servers. At times, the malware is also blended with legitimate scripts in an effort to camouflage them. So, when signing up for cheap dedicated server hosting, it is imperative to ensure that your provider makes routine checks for detecting vulnerabilities. The provider should also check for unusual traffic behavior, unusual advertisements etc. All testing must be done prior to launching the software on isolated home devices.

A good way to ensure that your server is in good hands is to sign up for a managed dedicated server. With managed hosting, you can enjoy on-call maintenance supports. Crisis can happen at any time, even at odd hours. A crisis could be due to a number of reasons, sometimes even triggered by a regular security patch which has gone wrong for some reason. The best way to avoid such situations is to have a team of experts at your call throughout the day or night. This can only be ensured by managed dedicated hosting plans.

Another important reason for choosing a managed dedicated server is when a certain flaw in one site leads to multiple websites getting affected. In such a situation, you will need a 24×7 technical assistance team to troubleshoot the issue; else your employee and customer databases can get negatively affected.

Finally, a managed dedicated server will help to prevent DDoS attacks. These threaten servers in a big way by sending an overwhelming number of requests to them and making them slow and unresponsive. The web host offers managed solutions can take prompt actions to resolve this.

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