DIY – Restoring Car Headlights at Home

Whether driving on city roads or highways, safety must be the foremost concern. Needless to mention, two properly functional headlights are indispensable for visibility. A faulty light will most likely compromise judgment on the oncoming vehicle and pose a credible threat. More than the two headlights, on the other hand, emit excessive light and are a hindrance to drivers of other vehicles. The lens of the headlight is susceptible to harsh conditions and must be immaculate to provide perfect visibility while driving at night.

Do you need headlight restoration?

Car headlights, like most parts of the car, are subject to harsh sunlight, debris, and gravel. With gradual wear and tear, they are rendered partially ineffective. It’s not difficult to make out whether the headlights need some repairing or not. Just give them a good look and see if they seem dull, scratched or yellow. By no means, does it imply that the light bulbs have lost a part of their power. Damaged or dulled lenses cut the light and affect visibility on the road.

Restoration Kits

Kits to restore dull or scratched headlights are easily available in the market. These kits are the appropriate option as they are the most effective and inexpensive. 3M headlight restoration kits are widely appreciated by professionals and owners alike. They consist of abrasive discs, rubbing cream, foam pad, and masking tape. They are a comprehensive car detailing product when it comes to headlight restoration.


The abrasive properties of toothpaste make it a good cleaning material for the headlights. As teeth gather plaque, the headlight plastic oxidizes and consequently mars the intensity of the light. Use clear white toothpaste, as the ones with crystals and other ingredients might lead to scratches on the headlights. Polish the frame with a smooth cloth and finally rinse and polish.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

The mixture is quite commonly used to clean household glassware and is equally effective on headlights if not more. It helps in removing the oxidation just like the toothpaste. Wipe the headlight with a dry cloth, to begin with. Next, dip the cloth in the mixture and apply it on the headlight with smooth circular strokes. Rinse and polish once the headlight is restored.

If, however, you are unable to tend to the needs of your car due to one of the many reasons, the best thing for you to do is contact expert centers. With the right tools and experienced personnel, you can get the headlights restored in no time and be back on the road in no time. With companies focusing on comprehensive services, you may also avail doorstep facilities and get your car battery replaced along with headlight restoration in the comfort of your home.

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