4 Rules You Should Always Follow When Buying Things On Craigslist

Most people can agree that they love getting a good deal.  Buying second hand as opposed to going to a store is often one of the best ways to do it.  While thrift stores an option for finding killer deals, you still have to get in your car.

Looking for deals online on the popular site Craigslist, however, allows you to do a search from the comfort of your couch.  In addition to the unbeatable convenience, you also have a wider spectrum of options.  Instead of going into one store, you’re going to multiple digital stores.

Because of the broader range of options, you can find great deals.  Before you hand over your money to someone from the interwebs, however, follow these golden rules. 

Test It First

It’s important to test out products first, particularly when it’s mechanical.  Trusting someone’s word that you’ve only just met is a risky move.

Take the product for a test drive before handing over your money, whether you’re buying a farm tractor or a PlayStation 4.  It’s crucial to examine how it runs in your own hands.   Otherwise, you’re running too big of a risk handing over your hard earned cash so easily. 

Don’t Be a Low Baller

After a few moments of scrolling through Craigslist, you’ll start to frequently pass the word “low baller.”  Ads will usually read something like, “Price firm. No low ballers please.”

Lowballing is going way too low from a seller’s asking price.  Although expert Craigslist buyers will tell you that you should always offer a lower price, it’s better not to offer rock-bottom.  Otherwise, the seller may get so frustrated they won’t even reply.

Do Your Pricing Research

It’s beneficial to do some market research so that you know what kind of a price to expect.  Entering the playing field blindly without knowing your game is a rookie move.

Do some research on a variety of sites.  Compare used prices with new, and make an assessment of how much you’re willing to pay.

Make Sure You’re Looking In Your Area

When searching for items that you want to purchase, make sure you’ve got your location set correctly.  Otherwise, you run the risk of getting excited about a deal and contacting the seller to arrange a time to view it, only to find that it’s 500 miles away. (Whoops.)

While some sellers are willing to mail products, it’s smart to always purchase in person.  Unlike eBay, Craigslist doesn’t come with any money back guarantees.  You can potentially get robbed by paying for something first before receiving it, so keep your search close to home so you can drive there yourself.





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