4 Must Haves For Work On Your Smartphone

Since smartphones emerged we are able to have more and more tools at the tips of our fingers. The convenience of having everything you need all in the palm of your hand not only increases your productivity but makes things easier as a whole.

Although there are plenty of apps out there, there are a few essentials which stand out the most.  These essentials make work much easier and ensure that you don’t miss a thing or find yourself in a pinch.  Here are the must-haves you should have to maximize your work process.

A Cloud Service

A cloud service transforms your business by clearing up space.  No more need for pesky external hard drives or documents taking up space.  Store all of your files online and forget about it.

The need for manually organizing becomes unnecessary since the cloud service sorts everything for you and provides an easier platform to navigate.  This modern approach eliminates the need for digging through piles of hard copies, and instead, your valuable information is accessed with a few swipes and clicks.

Synced Notes

Regardless of your line of work you may find yourself taking notes frequently throughout the day for a variety of things.  Whether you’re writing down what office supplies you need to buy, or noting the contact information of a vendor, it’s handy to have all your notes in one place in your pocket.

Since you’re sometimes taking notes on your computer as well, it’s ideal to have a synced notes application.  This way you can ensure that all of your notes are the same across the board.  From your laptop to your computer, you know that you can access anything you’ve jotted down recently.

Free International Texting and Calling App

Since many businesses involve communicating with clients and affiliates worldwide, it’s important to be able to communicate without racking up a hefty phone bill.

Regardless of an international calling plan, the rates can quickly start to add up.  Why pay these fees when you can use a free service which allows you to message and call anywhere in the world free of charge.

As long as you have access to a wifi or cellular data network you can reach anyone you want who also has the app.  For communicating with international customers by making calls to numbers which are outside of man of these apps, low rates apply. 

Calendar App

Having your calendar on hand at all times is essential for making sure that you have your day planned out.

A calendar application will show you your week’s planning while also sending updates and reminders.  As it syncs, it will gather imported data from your laptop and email, making organization seamless.

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