Interior Color Trends For 2018

We’re all eager to shake off the long winter in a meaningful way and today’s most fashionable color trends reflect the mood. Whether you long for excitement, calm, or a new way to let your palette express just who you are, there is a race to feel both tranquil and energized with a new look.

We love the way that these new styles are blended and unique, combining the nuanced shades of the past with bold and hyper-energized touches. Many of the winning colors are blended, allowing you to create a chic personal decor that impresses others while welcoming you and yours home.

Crisp New Pastels:

The tranquility that a muted pastel palette can bring a room is extremely popular this season. Pale, icy blues and pinks are trending, hues that instill a feeling of peace. These specially blended pastels freshen and personalize your space in a way that instantly calms and soothes the spirit.

Rich Earth Tones:

Does nature bring you peace? Earthy palettes are as fashionable as pastels. This color scheme emphasizes the deep browns found in the forest, using green accents with splashes of crimson or other gem hues to give a room the calming feel of the woods. There are many shades of green that can speak for you, as can be seen in this color chart.

Dusty Rose:

When a feeling of warmth and comfort is your desire, this gently faded pink shade with its elegant and old-fashioned feel is trending this year as a fresh theme. Romantically called ‘ashes of roses’ in the Victorian era, dusty rose gives a room a feel that is comforting and slightly sensual.

The New Metallics:

Including metallics into your decor by using rustic styles that reflect copper, steel, brass and tin tones is a terrific way to make your accents a focal point without being garish. This lends a post-modern yet classic feel to any room, whether applied as a paint or by using metal accents as a part of your decor.

Mauves and Violets:

Reminding you of regal elegance, nuanced purple shades are cool but hot right now, with a fresh and soothing feel that’s never Barney-brash. As purples combine red, blue, and other tones, you can choose a cooler or warmer tone to suit your style. Check out this color chart for an idea of how versatile purple can be.

Bold Black:

When you feel like emerging from winter as striking as a butterfly, high gloss or matte black is a distinct trend as a statement color, making colors and decor edgy and interesting. Black lends high definition to angles, curves, and even walls, lending verve, and a very modern feel.

Vibrant Global Tones:

If you have found styles that you love in your travels, reflecting your experiences in your decor can make your home feel like an oasis. Whether remembering the subtle brights and gold touches of India, the striking shades of Portugal or the hot pastels of the Caribbean, an intensely colored room is both classic and fresh, and the touches that enhance the feel are fun essentials.

Olivia Lind spends her day focusing on her job as a CPA, but, in the evenings you’ll find her organizing and decorating the sets of the local theater guild and helping to arrange showroom floors for one of the largest furniture companies on the west coast. In her free time, she enjoys hitting up the local club scene with her friends and taking extended weekend jaunts wherever her VW bug can take her in a day or two.

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