How To Prevent Windshield Repair – List Of Don’ts

When you use or employ household objects for the maintenance of your car, often it turns out to be counterproductive. These objects or products might scratch the car windshield or body paint instead of cleaning it and thereby adding to the expenses. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to avoid windshield repair:

How To Prevent Windshield Repair – List Of Don’tsDon’t use household materials to clean auto glass

While towels and sponges seem like suitable materials to clean the windshield of the car, experts suggest that they might create stress marks or minor scratches. It is essential to consider the purpose of different materials. Sponges, for that matter, are made to scrub the grime off the dirty dishes and other utensils of the kitchen. Logically, sponges can scratch the windshield and dull the paint of the car. Similarly, towels are made to wipe water from our hands and bodies. They can scratch the windshield that won’t be visible during the day but will surely disturb you while driving in the night.
Tip – Experts suggest that you should only use micro-fiber cloth which is made for cleaning the delicate parts of the car like the windscreen.

Don’t postpone windshield wiper replacement

Drivers, especially the young ones, tend to keep using wipers even when the rubber blades are worn out or cracked. This is one of the worst habits and proves to be detrimental to the windshield. Windshield wiper blades, like everything else, have a defined lifetime and must be replaced soon after. In some serious cases, old wipers can seriously damage the windshield and even break it in some cases. Therefore, to maintain the auto glass change the wipers in due time.

Don’t park anywhere

In this age of jammed streets and millions of automobiles, finding a spot is quite hard and we usually take the one easily available. This is one of the biggest mistakes and must be avoided. For example, parking under a tree might subject your car to falling fruits and loose branches. They might hit the windshield and damage it to a point where you might need a windshield replacement. Whenever you park outside your garage, make sure that the area is clear of hazards.

A number of windshield repair kits are available in the market. Many drivers try to repair the damage themselves even though it requires a certain level of expertise. As a result, some of them end up damaging the windshield even further. In the matters of the windshield, you should only trust skilled technicians. Considering the previously mentioned tips can help you in maintaining a good condition of your car’s windscreen for a long time.

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