Being a successful entrepreneur or businessman is a story to tell but being a successful parent while handling business is a more interesting story to tell. Fact check; being a parent is one hell of a job what more if you are also handling a business? Playing two roles at the same time is not an easy game to play and requires not just physical strength and capabilities but will and determination as well.

Here is a short list to help you balance your time and attention with your business and your family.

NO TO MULTITASKING– A lot of people are amazed on how they are able to multitask a lot of things but in reality, multitasking creates a bigger risks that your tasks may not be done without any errors. Do not do this especially that you are handling a business; you may lose your income, product or service quality to your customers and clients. This goes to your family and your baby to especially if you have a newborn baby boy or girl since they are very vulnerable, sensitive and very delicate to take care that is why you should focus your attention and effort at one task at a single time. Time management is the best solution to handling your business and taking care of your family.

SCHEDULE EVERYTHING– Planning everything from Monday to Sunday will provide you a clearer view of what lies ahead of the week and you can also plan out the best things to do in order to accomplish the tasks you are planning to take. This will also give you enough time to think and prepare yourself. Or if you are having a bigger business, then the best advice I can give you is to hire an assistant or a secretary. In this way, you can handle things accordingly with the help of your secretary.

DON’T MIX YOUR ROLES– Mixing your role as an entrepreneur and a parent could be messy. You should avoid your job to get mixed and overtake your personal life or this goes the other way. Make sure that you have specific times to handle these matters accordingly. If you have a small business, do not bring your kids to the store or the facility of your business, leave them home, task a person like a nanny to take care of them and do not bring work to your home. This is part of balancing your priorities and time properly.

DON’T GET DISTRACTED– Simple monitoring could help your mind put at ease and focus yourself in the tasks your taking. You should take full advantage of the technology nowadays, you can easily check your emails, monitor your business in the palm of your hands. Start learning how to handle your business when you are at home through your smartphones and laptop notebooks.

HAVE SOME TIMEOUT– Handling two important things at the same time is proven to be stressful and stress can lead to chronic diseases. Getting ill will surely affect not just yourself but your family and business as well. Take care of yourself, get a massage after you are done with your daily chores, watch a movie, go to the beach, unwind, relax for a day or two.

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