Top 3 Place To Visit In Prague From Traveler Kevin Sheehan

On his free time, Kevin Sheehan loves to travel with his friends when he’s not working hard at his new company, Scientific Games. A gamer at heart, Sheehan loves to explore the world and infuse the many cultures he experiences into the games he creates. For virtual reality games to those that are the thrilling mysterious that provide block-busters with weekly excitement (hello Cheapy Tuesday’s at the movie theatre)—he is a lover for Europe. If friends are travelling to Europe, he’s there with them ravaging the streets for the most authentic food and coolest museums that speak to the city.

Top 3 Place To Visit In Prague From Traveler Kevin Sheehan

Prague in the Czech Republic is next on Kevin Sheehan’s list of travels. He will be travelling with his best friend and long-term partner Tori Spelling Sheehan, and wants to take her on a romantic trip of a lifetime. The website reported that Sheehan is part of a recently-formed ownership group that has purchased Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, which operates the Grand Celebration on short cruises from Palm Beach to the Bahamas. The new company is Paradise Cruise Line. Sheehan was named president and CEO of Scientific Games Corporation earlier this year. “The purchase of Paradise Cruise Line is a family investment with a strong executive management team,” Sheehan told myPalmBeachPost on Tuesday. Further details are in the myPalmBeachPost article. Oneil Khosa is the managing partner of the new venture with Sheehan, and also a co-owner. Although Prague may not be Paris, it is close enough in wanderlust and excitement. After speaking to many of his friends who have already visited this old town encrusted in Czech history, he proposed the following iconic landmarks and historic sites to see during his trip:

  1. The Prague Castle is one that cannot be missed, but like most main attractions in Europe—the line is way too long to handle in the smoldering heat! That’s why it’s best to go on Trip Advisor and purchase a skip-the-line pass so that you won’t be waiting there for ages, says Sheehan. The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was dubbed one of the largest coherent castles in the world.
  2. Even if you’re not of the Christian Catholic religion, seeing the shrine of the Infant Jesus is something that cannot be missed as it dates back to the 16th century and has been mystified with tales of your prayers and wishes to come true.
  3. If you’re a lover of all antique and vintage heritage spots, then you need to take a wonderful promenade through the Old Square, a friend told Kevin Sheehan. The Astronomical Clock is located in the heart of the square, it is considered one of the best-preserved clocks that dates back to the medieval time in the whole world.

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