Why Every Web Designers Need a Marketing Plan

When you started your web design business, you were probably excited with the idea of doing something you love each day. But in reality, you’ll quickly realize that you’d only be designing for about 30% of the time, and the other 70% will greatly involve admin and marketing works.

Most creative people feel that a marketing plan would stifle their creativity. After all, following an awfully long, boring plans is too bothersome so most of us don’t bother with it.

Here’s the thing though: without a solid marketing plan, your first year in the business will be slow and agonizing.

Keep in mind that marketing plans don’t have to be long and boring! You don’t have to fill your plan with big words and formal sentences. To put it simply, your marketing strategy can be in whatever form you want it to be: it can either be a spreadsheet, a one-page Word document, a board of post-its, or even a simple diagram.

Here are some of the top reasons why you really need a solid marketing plan for your business:

It pushes you to broaden your marketing strategy

If you’re still a novice designer, I’m guessing you have no solid marketing plan as of the moment, and you still rely on your clients finding you through referrals instead.

Don’t worry though, we’ve all been there. But then I realized that relying on referrals alone is not really a smart move. When you take some time to sit down and actually create your own marketing plan, you’ll be forced to think of creative and imaginative ideas to market your services. You’ll be surprised with the strategies you think of!

You’ll remember to promote your services

Without a solid marketing plan, you won’t have any strategies to work on each day of the week. Even though you probably have a few marketing ideas in mind, you’ll likely end up not doing those things because you haven’t written them down and created a plan from those ideas. Thinking about them is one thing, but actually doing them makes the big difference.

It lessens the risk of failure

Even spending around twenty minutes on different marketing plan each day will still make a big difference for your business. If you do it right, the amount of inquiries you receive each week will increase, and so will your website traffic!

Web design London greatly recommends you to utilize various strategies, so that if one suddenly fails to work, you can still rely on the other ones to make sure you still have a steady stream clients coming in!

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