Questions About Laser Treatments? Learn The Basics

Lasers aren’t just cool in movies. There are actually a ton of great laser treatments that can improve your health or your standard of living. You just have to figure out which ones are best for you. In many cases, these treatments can be expensive, but because of the advancements in laser technology in the last several years, they can be very effective.

A few of the laser treatments you might run across include intense pulsed light treatments, lasers that help your vision, lasers that are supposed to improve your healing capabilities, and then lasers for different kinds of growth, such as hair.

IPL Treatments

When you get IPL or AFT laser treatments, you’re working to make your skin more beautiful. This might be a cosmetic desire of yours, or it could have some professional implications. For example, models or television personalities need to have good looking skin for their careers. Getting a laser treatment on their face to help with their complexion might almost seem like a requirement. These types of laser treatment are becoming much safer in recent years, and if you have the money to spend to have them performed, it’s a pretty safe bet.

Lasers On Your Eyes 

Then there are options when it comes to having lasers improve your eyesight. There are many different surgeries the doctors can perform that help with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism. Improvements in technology continue to make these eye surgeries safer, and people who weren’t candidates even a few years ago can now expect treatments. Even if it doesn’t entirely eliminate the need for glasses, it can at least help with overall vision.

Lasers For Healing

Many doctors and hospitals are now using lasers to help heal patients as well. Different types of light at different intensities and over different wave spectrums may have the ability to speed up the human immune response to a few different conditions, like having cuts or abrasions. The science behind it is still in its infancy, but some early results have shown a lot of positive potential.

Lasers For Growth

 And finally, there are laser treatments for growth, such as in the hair growth. These are largely unproven, but the theory is that low levels of intense light aimed at hair follicles can help them to spark activity. Basically, the laser light nudges them into growing more hair, whereas it might not be a natural process. For people who are attempting to regrow hair, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to try an alternative method. There are lots of different stories of success or failure in this regard, so it’s up to you to research the entirety of the topic before deciding to purchase.

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