Online Examination System – Need Of The Hour

The whole world is going digital and easy to use for the end user. Then why should not the examination system be? The conventional exam method inculcates a hell lot of manual effort and time. Teachers put in their extra efforts for preparing the question papers, students devote more time to solve and mark the answers and when it comes to the results’ part, all the limits are crossed!

Manual checking of answer sheets of lakhs of students is quite a lot of manual effort which can be eliminated completely by moving the exams to online mode. And the possibility of manual errors?

It’s like playing with the future of lakhs of students which is not acceptable at all.

Having a deeper look at all such problems, the need of the hour is an online examination system which spares the teachers and students from these tremendous manual efforts and eliminates the possibility of human errors.

Many prestigious organisations have moved their examination mode from offline to online and students are having a positive feedback about it.

Problems being faced in paper-based examination

These are carried out on a fixed day and at a fixed time. If any student gets absent, there is no privilege to take the exam afterwards. Humongous efforts are spent in conducting the examination. Huge quantity of paper gets wasted in printing. The students often wait much longer for the results. As the teachers require more time to evaluate the answer sheets, which is done manually. There also remains a possibility of manual errors which could affect the future of a student.

The whole process of offline based exams is quite tedious and cumbersome and hence, the need of the hour is to move forward towards an efficient “Online examination system”

The Scope of Online Examination System

  • Based on the question database, the online exam results are calculated automatically.
  • The researches show that for subjective answers when there is not an exact match, it recognises similar answers also by finding the synonyms used in the answer. Hence, incorporating the intelligent capabilities.
  • For the convenience of teachers, there is a manual override feature which allows them to update the result section.
  • For students’ convenience, a student can stop the examination in the middle and can start any other time. When the student will start the same exam again, it will start from the same point
  • Students can also see the completed exams, due exams and take those afterwards on e-learning portals.
  • For being exam ready, there are numerous online test series available which will resolve your apprehensions and will prepare you better for the exam day.

Online Exams

With everyone realising the importance of an online examination system, many educational boards and institutions have moved to the online mode now.

BITSAT is one of the few exams which has been conducted online for a long time now. After that few other exams also entered the online category like Common Admission Test (CAT), Management Aptitude Test (MAT), JEE Main, JEE Advanced, VITEEE, AIPGMEE and many other national or state level exams are now organised as the Computer Based Test.

The big change has been initiated and kicked off! Get ready to blend in and stand as an ultimate winner.

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