Nightmares Lingering On Your Mind? Try 1.74 High Index Replacement Lenses

Are you experiencing recurring nightmares and are uncertain as to why this is the case? Your dreams, when analyzed, can become a microscope to your subconscious. When you experience a particularly tantalizingly fearful nightmare, it can linger on your mind for the whole day and cause you unnecessary distress. One of the potential reasons may be related to anxiety. This is likely due to the fact that you aren’t sleeping well. Other root causes include sleep apnea, the use of medication, illness, death of a loved one, sudden awakening from sleep and stress related to activities that are occurring in your daily life.  Thankfully, the National Sleep Foundation has provided tips that relate to a good night’s sleep, the first one being to set a sleep schedule for yourself that diminished the amount of blue light exposure that you receive from your mobile and desktop devices. If you are having trouble dishing away your electronics for work or school-related purposes, then you should consider purchasing 1.74 high index replacement lenses from Payne Glasses in order to take advantage of their blue light stoppers eyewear feature. This means that if dishing your worries to your best friend over text right before bed may help you feel better, you can do so guilty-free with their 1.74 high index replacement lenses.

Nightmares Lingering On Your Mind? Try 1.74 High Index Replacement Lenses

You should also strive to get your endorphins high at least twenty to thirty times a day. Try not to work out before bed time as this may lead to your sleep struggles. Five to six hours before you hit the sheets is the ideal. Also, a complete avoidance of caffeine should go without saying. Coffee, chocolates, non-herbal teas and certain pain relievers can contain caffeine. Alcohol has adverse effects on your health since it eliminates your ability to endure deep sleep and REM sleep.

It is recommended that you create a bedtime routine for yourself so that your body becomes accustomed to knowing when it’s time for you to go to sleep. You can make it as lavish as you want to hype you up for sleep. Especially with the harsh freezing snow, it feels nice to take good care of yourself by slabbing on a face mask and whitening strips as you read your favourite book under the world’s softest blanket. If your routine includes texting your friends, all you need to do is glam up your night with your cute cat-eyed eyeglasses from Payne Glasses that include 1.74 high index replacement lenses for those who have strong prescriptions. Light a candle or two and don’t forget to make sure that your room temperature hinges on cold so that you can have a restful night of sleep.

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