How To Stay Motivated During UPSC Preparation Journey?

One of the most challenging exams that many candidates opt for is the IAS exam. About half of those who apply do not make it through the written examination, and even lesser number of people make it to the civil services of the country. It almost seems like an impossible  task.

If you are a civil service aspirant and preparing for your upcoming UPSC civil services exam, you must be feeling nervous as well as inspired about following your dreams. Your preparation is on full swing by now as you do not want to leave any stone unturned to make your efforts till the interview board of the UPSC. A high level of motivation is needed to cover the vast and diverse syllabus.

But somewhere along the journey, there are chances that your energy will drain out and the weight of books might crush your expectations even before you appear for the prelims. To be a successful candidate is not only about better preparation, but to also be the one who can maintain his inspiration level throughout the process. We have mentioned few tips that would keep you motivated till you are able to reach your goal.

  1. Try to motivate yourself

Ask yourself the reason to be a civil servant. The answer itself would be motivational. For instance, you want to serve the people of your country, you want to bring some change in the society, or you want to help your country towards growth. Such thought, to achieve these opportunities, will make your goal firm. Tell yourself that it is your goal, and so the efforts must be yours only as no one else is going to achieve it for you.

  1. Do something that you enjoy

Go for a recently released movie with your friends or family, read some good novels, cook a food of your choice, or paint something. Basically, try to indulge yourself in doing something that you enjoy. These can be a great motivation to let you keep going.

  1. Remember your strengths

Sometimes the load of all those books and syllabus might make you feel that your preparation is not up to the mark. This will make you feel  low. To overcome this situation, try to remind yourself about your strengths. For instance, if you are good in one subject but weak in another, try to think that you can deal with that subject too.

  1. Take breaks in between

The preparation for UPSC exam takes a year long time. At times you might feel low. It is not really possible to study for so long with same level of motivation . It becomes important to take short breaks in between that will help to refresh your body and mind.

  1. Beat the obstacles

There might be instances when people who doubt your capability will try to put you down. It is better to avoid such people for the time being and not get demotivated, as a person is successful when he/she faces and overcomes the hurdles that come way.

  1. Be in good environment

Studying for long hours in your room can be boring sometimes. It is essential to be in right mood for your study to be fruitful. In order to have so, ensure that your room has comfortable seating, proper lighting and clean all over.

  1. Stay healthy

To stay motivated it is important to be healthy. You can do regular exercise and have healthy diet to stay fit and fine.

  1. Think positive

If you are feeling nervous about the examination, try to think about yourself as one of the top civil servants who can do betterment for this country.

  1. Don’t think about result

This is the most important point that an UPSC aspirant must keep in mind. Thinking about the result only creates pressure.

  1. Read some inspirational quotes

Reading inspirational quotes or speeches of your favourite icon, be it a past civil service topper, an entrepreneur or a sportsman, or even watching TED talks is sure to motivate you. You should know that being an aspirant of civil services is not an achievement, but being a civil servant is.

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