How to File A Divorce and Documents Required

As we know marriage is one of the essential and beautiful parts of life, but in some cases, it didn’t go well that sometimes leads to divorce. Once the couple concludes to get separated, they have to file a divorce petition in court. The divorce petition/appeal is a legal paper that is filed in court by the person who seeks for divorce that notifies the court regarding the petitioner’s desire to end the marriage. The best divorce attorney will file the petition for his/her client. Once the divorce petition is given out to the requester’s partner, it is confirmed that the divorce process has started.

As per the divorce laws and regulations, there are generally two methods to get the divorce, i.e. mutual divorce and the contested divorce. In mutual divorce, petitioner can have a discussion with his/her estranged partner to move toward a settlement and obtain a no-fault divorce. But in case of contested divorce, petitioner can file his/her divorce on the justifications that are précised beneath the specific Indian marriage act that petitioner is entitled.

Main reasons on which divorces are usually filed

  • Participation of the petitioner’s spouse in disloyalty or involving in sexual relations outside his/her wedding.
  • Wreaking mental or physical mistreatments that might ground in danger to life or health.
  • Deliberately abandoning the petitioner for a constant period of about two years previous to the filing a divorce.
  • Suffering from not curable diseases or mental illness.
  • Sexually incapable of engaging in sexual contact.

Top divorce advocate will draft a divorce petition based on the grounds for filing a divorce in India as mentioned in the Indian divorce laws.

Documents needed to file a divorce case

For filing a divorce, a petitioner is required to submit photocopies of below-given documents to his/her lawyer, so that the best divorce attorney will precede the case:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Residence proof of husband
  • Residence proof of wife
  • Proof that ensures that both the parties are living separately for over one year.
  • Four passport size photos of wedding ceremony of the divorce Couple
  • Proof concerning the unsuccessful efforts of settlement
  • Details of profession and present remuneration
  • Income tax reports of past two to three years
  • Particulars of possessions and other material goods possessed by the petitioner
  • Information concerning to family background

With the help of above documents and the detailed explanation of marriage like time of marriage or the reasons behind this decision the top divorce advocate to file a well-built petition for contested divorce. After that the vakaltnama is filed through which you give the right to your lawyer to stand for you in the courtroom; subsequently, the court proceedings will start. But before filing a divorce, you must better know that you will face a tremendous mental harassment during the court proceedings so you should prepare yourself for this situation.

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