Determining The Right Size Of Your Engagement Ring

For nearly a century, Diamond rings became the ‘default’ engagement ring for so many couples. While other gemstones are also gaining popularity and demand, diamond still remains to be on the top list.

diamond engagement ring

With the ever-growing trend of ring settings and diamond shapes, this one question is pretty common: “what diamond size is best for engagement rings?” Whatever size you want to get is the right size. However, you also have to consider the following things when choosing a diamond engagement ring: the average ring size, and of course, your budget.

More and more couples are now opting for a bespoke jewellery design for their engagement rings as well. Why? It’s because they can easily personalize the details of the ring. Starting from the 4C’s of the diamond stones, the metal, as well as the overall design. By doing so, they now have the freedom to choose the price of their engagement rings. Practicality aside, bespoke jewellery are unique and one-of-a-kind.

The Average Carat Weight

Diamonds were even more of a luxury in the past than they are now. But with the help of the advancing diamond cutting techniques and modern mining, diamonds are now more affordable. You can even purchase loose diamond stones online! Nevertheless, this does not mean that they became less valuable.

Moreover, the ‘average’ diamond size is now larger than it was before. In fact, the average size of diamond engagement rings in the US is just under one carat. Rings of this size still produce notable brilliance and fire, therefore, for most people, a one-carat diamond ring is just the ideal size.

Opt For Larger Diamonds with Bigger Shapes

marquise diamond ring

When choosing an engagement ring, your budget holds the biggest factor. You may want to get something big for your partner, but if your budget is limited, you should weigh your options.

Generally, a diamond stone over 2 carats is already considered a large diamond ring. Even so, you have to remember that the carat weight is not the only thing that matters. The shape of the diamond can highly influence how it appears. Oval shaped diamonds have an elongated shape, which makes the diamond appear larger.

This is why more and more people opt for bespoke diamond jewellery designs. Like mentioned earlier, you can customize the ring however you want—up until the very last detail. This basically means you can choose to have diamonds with smaller carat weight and make it look bigger by shaping it into an oval or marquise. That’s one of the most brilliant jewellery hacks that you can do in order to make your engagement ring look bigger without breaking the bank.

The Right Size For Your Special Someone

diamond size

At the end of the day, the right engagement ring is the one that matches your partner’s taste, as well as your budget. After determining what you can actually afford, learn what diamond shape your partner will love the most. With these things in mind, you can now determine what diamond size to go for.

May these factors help you distinguish the right kind of bespoke jewellery ring design to buy!


For more than ten years, Daniel Greenberg has been hand crafting DG Bespoke Jewellery and is known as a trained master diamond mounter and goldsmith. As he was taught by one of the best jewellers in London (his father), Daniel makes certain that all his unique pieces are pure perfection.

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