Consequences That You Can Face On Your Skin With Polluted Air

Ever since pollution has increased on earth, the other related problems too have increased. Dust and smoke from vehicles and construction sites have not only polluted our outdoor environment, but also indoor air is polluted. We wear clothes, shoes etc that come in contact with pollution every day. When you come from outside, you carry germs inside your house or office. Thus, no area is neat and clean.

Air pollution not only makes you ill, but dust particles which contain minute bacteria enter your skin and damage it. Bacteria are 20 to 30 times smaller than pores on your skin. They have the capability to penetrate your skin and damage the collagen and epidermis. This makes your skin dull, unevenly coloured and loses elasticity, which leads to wrinkles.

There are many air purifiers and air conditioners that help to keep your indoor air clean. Due to tough competition, brands like Voltas, LG, Samsung, HUL, and many more have come with many add on features. They help in removing bacteria and allergens through filters even when the outdoor air is highly polluted.

This will keep your indoor air clean, but what happens when you come in contact with the outside world? You can’t avoid going to school, college, office or shopping. Pollutants take away oxygen from your skin making your skin look dull and lifeless. Pollutants combine with UV rays to reduce the mechanism of collagen synthesis and this makes the skin rough and with uneven texture.

When pollution is higher in any area people living in those areas complain about breathing problems, rashes and headache. This is only because polluted environment not only is full of pollutants, but also germs and bacteria flowing from different locations which contaminates your food, water and so on.

Therefore, few steps followed regularly can help you keep your skin fresh looking –

  • Keep your face clean by washing it with mild cleanser. For oily skin, the treatment is different.
  • Washing your face properly can remove critical germs from your skin.
  • Washing doesn’t mean simply washing with water, you need to use mild cleanser that can help remove dust particles, also oily skin is tough to clean so might need strong cleanser for that.
  • Using antioxidants can help regenerate fresh collagen which is destroyed by germs. Pigmentation and skin cancer are some of the examples of cell mutation.
  • Pollution has lead to a lot of issues. Even the ozone layer is affected due to pollution and this has led to direct exposure to UV rays. Always use a protection layer for your skin like sunscreen lotion.

Pampering your skin isn’t bad, thus visit a parlour every month for that extra care. Also, spend just fifteen minutes to pamper your skin every morning and night. Taking care of your skin regularly can minimize your expenses of visiting the parlour frequently. There are many natural remedies available at home, which can be used instead of going for harmful chemical based products.

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