Questions About MBA Answered

After you have already through with your bachelor’s degree, the next step will be to come up with the best master’s program to increase your knowledge.  Among the best programs which is also rewarding is the master’s degree in Business Administration. However, most students will need some clarifications before joining the program. Here are some of the questions that you may have, with clearly explained answers too!

How long does the MBA degree take and what is the cost?

In the USA, an MBA program goes for at least two years. However, a one year MBA study has become popularity Europe. You also have to bear in mind that the MBA program can be a bit costly depending on a number of factors. The tuition fees and other expenses usually vary from one institution to another. It is therefore important that you do some background research on the program in different colleges for you to come up with an institution that you will be comfortable with depending on your preference and the rates offered.

Questions About MBA Answered

Can you join an MBA program without prior business knowledge?

The MBA program emphasizes on diversity. Most MBA classes have students from other fields of study. This means that people from every educational background, gender and religion are welcomed to get a Master Degree in Finance and other areas of specialization.

Can the MBA program lead to a higher degree?

The program is specifically design for people who are interested to advance in their career. It is actually considered as a terminal degree and students who have completed other levels of study which includes a doctor’s or degree in other fields are also allowed to pursue the program. But MBA should not be taken as a transition for further studies in PhD or DBA level. You can still choose other programs that have more emphasis on academic and research

How can you choose between full time and part time MBA?

The following information will guide you through the two programs:

The full time MBA program is inclusive of four semesters. These are usually split to cover two academic years. There is usually a three months break for an internship. In the first year, the courses offered are core and very essential in MBA. Students are allowed to specialize in their second year of study. Working on full time jobs is advised against when taking the program.

Part time MBA programs are usually designed for people who are working while studying at the same time.  Here, students are allowed to work full time and attend evening classes.

Is there any difference between MBA and EMBA?

EMBA (Executive EMBA) is a program designed for professionals who have already specialized in a specific area of study but want to get some skills in general management to help them climb the corporate ladder. Since they are already in employment, students are not allowed to have internships after their first year.

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