Oxandrolone: More Beneficial For Women?

This man-made anabolic & androgenic steroid is mainly used to gain weight rapidly and to gain lean muscle mass. Most of the bodybuilders use this steroid to get a perfectly sculpted body and to gain lean muscle. Professional athletes use oxandrolone to maintain their lean muscle mass during the off-season. Due to its anabolic property, it develops muscle tissue. It has lots of medical importance. For example, it helps a patient to regain weight after a surgery or after a special medication. There are also other fields where oxandrolone acts more beneficial for women.

Interesting facts about oxandrolone you should know:

Oxandrolone is a mild steroid so it does not affect with harmful difficulties. This is a safe and secure steroid for women usage. For men, it is effective for the cutting cycle, but for women, it has a more crucial role to play. Women athletes cannot opt for the anabolic steroid due to its risk factor. Other strong powerful anabolic steroids can harm their femininity. So, women normally opt for the oxandrolone or specifically Anavar because it does not affect their hormonal structure. Oxandrolone protects their feminine characteristics and simultaneously provides the desired result also.

Therefore, we can say that oxandrolone is the apt steroid for women compared to other anabolic steroids.

How does oxandrolone work?

Depending on the structural alteration, oxandrolone is slightly androgenic and more like anabolic. It helps people to gain rapid muscle and improves strength without any nasty effects.

This is the perfect choice for those women who wish to increase their strength without a bulk weight-gain.

Oxandrolone: More Beneficial For Women?

Most of the women want to avoid developing masculine characteristics like an accelerated development of body hair and other noticeable features; oxandrolone is the appropriate choice for them.

Female athletes require a steroid to increase their strength to perform better without hampering their characteristics and that too can be taken safely without a second thought. Here oxandrolone is more beneficial for women.

Oxandrolone is a mild steroid so it has less number of effects on women body. This is the main reason why this steroid is mostly recommended for women use.

Basically, women body, its hormonal functionalities are different from that of the men. Women are more sensitive in comparison to the male. Satisfying all these requirements, women don’t have much more options to choose from except this oxandrolone.

Most of the anabolic steroids are derived from dihydrotestosterone. Due to the testosterone property, other steroids are not much suitable for female bodies.

Harmful side-effects for women:

Virilization or development of male characteristics is the primary concern among the female steroid users. They can experience unwanted body hair growth and deepen the voice. So, usually, women don’t go for other strong steroids. A strong steroid can cause accelerated hair loss or baldness.

The dosage of oxandrolone:

Women are not recommended to use oxandrolone or any other steroid during the pregnancy or breastfeeding. The best way is to consult a doctor regarding the best suitable dose and cycle. If you are a beginner, it is better to start with a mild dose. After observing the effects and reactions, you can select your dose and cycle for the best-desired result. Women can start with 10mg per day. The half cycle lasts for 8 hours so one dose a day is sufficient. Also, you can divide your dose into two.

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