5 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Beard

Like women are conscious about her hairs, men are too conscious for their beard. Keeping a good beard is high on trend these days.Because a beard is something that defines your overall look, nothing can devastate a man more than the loss of his beard. This is the reason that taking care of the beard is essential for every man. Sometimes, unknowingly, many men take their beard for granted because of which beards have to suffer a lot. Even, you will not be aware of your daily habits that are somehow destroying your beard. Buying essential oils for beard growth don’t work until you start avoiding the habits that are not good for your beard.

5 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Beard

Here are some of the common mistakes that can affect the growth and softness of your beard:

  1. Washing beard with soap and cold water:

It is quite a challenging task for everyone to wake up every morning and follow the strict routine for better growth of the beard. Almost, every man ends up washing the beard with regular soap and cold water that can lead to breakage or brittleness of the beard. The soap you regularly use for the bathing purpose is not at all an ideal beard wash.

  1. Taking grooming advice from friends:

Taking free grooming advice from friends or family members is like getting a first aid from a butcher. Your friends or relatives might have studied about the grooming tips on the internet, but the tips differ from a person to person. Therefore, it is recommended to get the grooming advice from the grooming experts.

  1. Not oiling the beard regularly:

As you need to oil the hairs on your head regularly, you need to oil the beard hairs regularly as well. Not oiling the beard hairs can make those hairs drier leading to the frequent breakage. Therefore, make sure to make use of the essential oils for beard growth that are helpful in softening the beard hairs.

  1. Not consuming enough proteins:

Though washing, moisturizing, and cleansing play an important role when it comes to the better beard growth, taking a right diet is equally important. Since keratin is the main protein that is responsible for the hair growth, start consuming it in the form of protein. Some of the protein-rich foods are milk, cinnamon, eggs whites, and leafy vegetables. Drop your favorite junk food and head to the healthy protein-rich food.

  1. Your bath water is either too hot or cold:

It is a true fact that skin, as well as hairs, should be washed with lukewarm water. Washing the beard with regular tap water can have adverse effects on your skin as well as beard hairs. Therefore, whenever you go to take bath, ensure that you wash your beard with lukewarm water only.

If you really want to get rid of a rugged look, take the best care of beard and ensure to avoid these 5 mistakes that can destroy your beard. Get essential oils for beard growth and thickness today and say no to dryness or breakage.

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