A wedding should be a fun and memorable occasion. Your guests come to celebrate your special day, arrive fashionable clothing, happy in the sense of occasion, full of expectations of memorable moments, enjoyable music and lots of dancing throughout the day. The wedding reception is one of the most important parts of a wedding.

Despite your guests preferring different genres of music, a good entertainment band will always aim to energise the atmosphere around them with a sense of fun and excitement for your guests. When hiring a wedding music band, experience should be the most important consideration. This article will aim to provide you with guidelines in choosing the best band, all while keeping within your budget.

1. Different activities, one band

Any good wedding band in Ireland will tend to use different genres of music throughout their wedding day; from the ceremony itself, to the couple’s first dance and right up until the end of the evening. Although different genres of music are required at each stage of a wedding, this does not necessarily mean different singers for each stage. A complete professional band typically include the instrument players, backup singers and a lead singer.

You can opt to nominate a singer in the band for a single activity of the wedding, such as singing during the ceremony or later during the dinner reception, and then include the rest of the band to improve the atmosphere later when your evening guests arrive. A full piece band encourages people to dance, have fun and embraces the atmosphere of the occasion. From a budget perspective, this can save you a lot in comparison in hiring different bands or singers for each stage of your wedding day.

2. Use a reliable booking agent

The Majority of couples want a cost-effective wedding, without compromising on quality. When it comes to music bands, you have a number of options to try. Once you opt to approach a band for yourself, chances are you’ll receive a quote you won’t like. Instead of researching to find a good band, your best option is a booking agent. Why use a booking agent? Well, a booking agent has many advantages over other options.

Booking agents typically represents a number of music bands. An Agent will provide you different band choices, depending on your preferences and your budget. Once you hire an agent, their will do the hard work by providing you the most suitable band that suits you, your guests and your specifications.

A booking agent will also offer financial advantages when hiring your preferred band. Bands with agents tend to listen to their agents more when a client is trying to negotiate a budget that matches both the band and client’s requirements. Quite often, your agent can provide a more competitive quote that you are likely to get on your own.

3. Avoid greedy double agents

In most cases, the band agent is not part of the music band itself. However, many bands prefer when one of their members represent their band proactively and sources gigs directly. A double agent represents both their band and other bands secretly. Another problem with double agents is that can be persistent and immoral, often forcing or tricking clients into hiring a band that does not meet their specifications. When this happens, clients end up with a band that they or their guest do not enjoy, play the music they prefer or even costs more than a band that would have been the better choice.

This does not apply to all double agents, as many are reputable, professional and ethical. These agents provide you with the various options, including their own bands, as well as provide you with the honest quotes and a level of excellence and recommendations from various bands. Rather than persuading you to hire their band, they recommend bands that match your specifications and budget. This way, they would feel that you are more likely to recommend their services to friends and family in the future.

In many cases, double agents can suggest a favorable band from a list of limited options based on their own biases. This doesn’t mean that they are greedy and dishonest when they promote their own band but they feel they know their bands so well, they can often perceive them to match your requirements

4. Local is best

The best band is one that is located just around your home or within travelling distance of your wedding venue. The result of this is that you spend less in terms of travel and catering costs for the band. When you choose a band that is located nearby, they would be more likely be familiar the venue and people, making it easier for them to adapt to the people in the wedding as compared to a band coming from another town. It is also important to realise that a band from a different town, will need to incur additional cost such as transport, food or accommodation, which is included in their fees.

If you cannot source a local band or if you wanted a specific band (or maybe your favorite band), and if cost is not primary concern, you should be prepared to expect an increase fees in these cases.

5. Consider the number of band members

A simple standard wedding band can have up to four members. This type of band provides ample wedding entertainment for your family and friends at your wedding. It is also possible that a band includes more than four members available to make more entertaining and provide more diversified genres.

This kind of bands are likely to cost more due to each band member expecting their fee for their performance. If budget is a concern, take caution and find a band that has up to five members with the default lead singer, bass guitarist, bass, and drummer to allow variety and to keep you and your guests entertained and making your special day a memorable one.

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