What Does Your Sleeping Position Reveal About Your Personality?

Our mannerisms, our gait and even the way we move our hands while conversing with others reveal a lot about our personality. For example, people with a dominative nature usually fold their hands in the front while talking to others. Similarly, people who are shy avoid direct eye contact while talking to others.

You will be surprised to know that not just our mannerisms during the daytime, but even our position while sleeping can tell a lot about our personality. People with different personalities have a different sleeping positions. Let us have a look at the different sleeping positions and what do they tell about your personality.

The Log

The log position means lying on the side with the arms by your sides. It is considered a boring, and stiff sleeping position. However, it is interesting to note that the people who sleep in this position are usually the popular, social butterflies. They are friendly, and carefree. However, being too social, and trusting can make them gullible to frauds and heartbreaks.

The Fetal Position

As the name suggests, the fetal position is similar to the pose of the baby in the womb. People with this sleeping position prefer to curl their knees in towards the chest as if they have tucked themselves in a little, safe ball.

People who find comfort in this position are described as those with a hard shell on the outside. They seem to be tough, but have a soft and sensitive heart on the inside. They are usually shy, especially when you meet them for the first time, but open up and develop a comfortable rapport over a period of time.

The Freefaller

If you have trouble understanding this position, just imagine yourself falling freely from a height as in bungee jumping. In this sleeping position, people lay on their stomach with their arms wrapped around the pillow and the head turned to one side.

Most of us find it too uncomfortable to sleep on the stomach. However, the freefallers actually love this position and do not find comfort in any other position. This sleeping position reveals a lot about their carefree and daring attitude. The freefalling sleepers are usually sociable and bold on the outside. But, they do not necessarily have the thick skin to face absurd situations or deal with criticism. Stomach sleepers often struggle trying to find a good mattress. On sleepissimple you can read how to choose a right mattress for stomach sleepers.

The Yearner

The yearner is the sleeping position in which you sleep on a side with your arms stretched out in the front. People who prefer to sleep like this are usually less complicated. I mean they are mature and more broad-minded. They make take more time to take decisions, but stick to their plans once their mind is made up.

The Soldier

The soldier position is the one in which you sleep on the back with the arms by your sides. People who find themselves sleeping in this position are typically reserved, quiet, and hold themselves as well as others to strict moral codes and high standards.

The Stargazer

Stargazers sleep on their back with both the arms wrapped around the head. This sleeping position signifies the importance of friends in their life. They usually have many friends and a true friendship is often a priority for them. They may go out of the way to help their loved ones and have a “happy-go-lucky,” positive outlook towards life.

The Starfish

This is another position, which looks quite the way it sounds. The starfish sleepers have a tendency to sprawl out and crawl over the entire bed with a great comfort. If you are the one to stretch out and spread yourself on the bed like this, the chances are high that you are a great friend.

Yes, this is the personality trait of the starfish sleepers. They are eager to give a helping hand or lend an ear to the friend in need. They may not like being the center of attention. However, they often find themselves being there given their caring and friendly attitude.

Isn’t that interesting? Each sleeping position is characterized by a unique personality trait. These facts also prove that sleep is an important part of our life and overall personality. What do you think?

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