Usage Of uPVC In Commercial Properties

The use of materials made out of polyvinyl chloride or PVC has been prevalent in the world for a quite a long time. Its unique lightness and rigidity has made it a raw material for things like pipes, window and door frames along with it being used as a substitute for rubber. Its unplasticised form is also very popular in making industrial items.

uPVC has found a lot of success for personal and residential purposes but it has also proved to be a durable item for commercial purposes too. Real estate developers are increasingly using uPVC to line their doors and windows along with laying down pipes that are made out of the same material.

Usage Of uPVC In Commercial Properties
But why is it so popular?


Maintaining uPVC materials is a breeze as they can be preserved for much longer compared to their wooden and metal counterparts. Wooden door and window frames are prone to water damage, and termites among other things. Whereas, metal frames need constant greasing and rust cleaning to ensure the fact that they are working properly. uPVC however does not require such a high degree of maintenance there is no need to paint items like uPVC window frames because they do not rust and also they are not prone to natural weather or insect damage.


uPVC materials are much more durable compared to other similar components because of its chemical properties. While normal materials would give you a maximum of 10 or 12 years, uPVC ensures that the piping or frame remains intact for at least 50 years or more! uPVC window suppliers and manufacturers also guarantee years of durability on their windows, which is tested rigorously to ensure protection from ultra violet rays and non-discoloration.

Heat Control

One of the biggest advantages of using uPVC materials has to be its temperature control. The material has been known to provide thermal comfort because of its non-conducting properties that do not let the heat pass through and cause discomfort to the people inside. With double glazing and uPVC windows, you will get energy efficient and heat-resistant material that is both comfortable and durable.


The biggest benefit for real estate developers and constructors has to be the ease of setting up uPVC materials in buildings. While it would take a lot of time and effort to set up materials made out of similar components, uPVC does not require specific conditions to be installed. This has increased the speed of construction and the material has contributed to a lot of infrastructural growth and development. Its noise insulation is an added bonus which is very important for a commercial building as it is designed to be a work place.

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