Tips On Buying A Mattress For An Elderly Person

It is quite common for an aged parent or relative to complain of poor quality of sleep and lower back pain and general fatigue after waking up in the morning. While you would be inclined to think that these were symptoms that are only to be expected with advancing age, often it is the mattress that is the real culprit and the problems can be resolved easily by replacing it with a new mattress. However, choosing the right mattress for the elderly can be difficult. Some important tips:

From Where Should You Buy the Mattress?

You should completely avoid the big box stores that carry a big stock of usually very cheap mattresses. Not only do they not have anyone there to help you with advice but also you cannot test them out for comfort and quality. Taking delivery is also your own responsibility. Furniture and even appliance stores have a very limited number of brands and you will usually be dealing with steep pricing and ignorant salespersons who would have no clue about conducting nectar vs. casper mattress comparisons  Buying online can be smart but buying blind could be very tiresome and expensive.

The best place to buy a mattress is usually a bedding store as they are usually experts in all bedding products, including mattresses. There will be knowledgeable and experienced people to help you in making the right selection. You can not only get good discounts and freebies but also get the mattress delivered free of charge.

Don’t Obsess Over a Particular Brand

The mattress business is extremely competitive and the bigger brands undertake a lot of advertising. However, just because of that it does not necessarily mean that they are actually better. By all means, buy from a reputed manufacturer because they are the ones who will offer extended trial periods and a warranty that you can count on. However, it pays to take advice from knowledgeable salespersons and also rely on your own perception of comfort, firmness, and support.

Test the Mattress

Carry along the pillow used at home and do not be afraid to ask for a lie-in by the elderly person for as long as required. If the typical sleeping position is on the back, then a firmer mattress should be opted for. Side sleepers will favor a softer mattress. Ask the elderly person to take his time and tell you which one he finds better. Typically, innerspring mattresses offer very good spinal support and alignment and are helpful in alleviating back pain. You can also consider a memory foam-innerspring hybrid model as it combines the benefit of both the technologies and offer superior comfort and support. Memory foam mattresses should ideally be avoided as moving about as well as getting out of bed by an aged person can be difficult.


Because buying a mattress can be difficult as well as expensive, you should try and choose a manufacturer that offers a long trial period and an extended warranty. This will enable you to establish if indeed the purchase has been a good one, otherwise, you can send it back for a full refund.

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