How To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

As winter is about to hit us all now is the best time to consider whether to switch your gas and electricity supplier in order to save money. During the winter months we all use more electricity and gas in order to keep warm and well lit as the longer, colder nights take hold. Many people are struggling as energy bills continue to rise; British Gas has increased electricity bills by 12.5%, leaving its Dual Fuel customers expecting an annual bill of £1,120 as a result.

If you are already living on a budget, an increase to your energy bills could be disastrous. Now is the time to be proactive and do something about it, prior to heavier bills coming into play this winter when your usage will naturally be higher. Here are a few ways you can save money on both your gas and electricity.

Look to Switch Energy Suppliers

It is a simple process to switch your energy provider, with countless websites and advice services offering you the best comparisons between energy suppliers in your area. Now is as good a time as any to switch to dual fuel, direct debit payments and fixed rate energy tariffs. All of these things will help you to experience a significant reduction in your energy bills for the next year or so (up to 18-24 months with certain fixed rate energy tariffs).

Always Pay by Direct Debit

As mentioned, paying by direct debit can help to significantly reduce your energy bills. For the majority of energy suppliers a direct debit payment structure will unlock a discount for those users who decide to take part. This can be in the form of a percentage of the monthly-agreed fee, or a set amount (i.e. £5.00 deduction per annual bill for a direct debit payment). What this type of payment also does is allows you to plan ahead without worrying about missing a payment that you have to make manually.

How To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Become a Green Household

To lower your energy bills start to think in a more environmentally friendly way. If you have poor insulation at your current property look to install new insulation, repair or replace your boiler, install solar panels and start to think on a macro/daily level about how you use your energy. Are there appliances and systems that can be switched off that are currently left on at all times? There are a number of ways you can think creatively to reduce your energy bills.

Use Less Energy

Did you know that one way to reduce your heating bill is to just turn down the thermostat a touch? Even lowering it by 1 degree could shave a stunning 10% off your heating bill, or on average, around £60 per year. Another way to lower your energy bills is to turn off the lights whenever you leave a room. It might be nice to have lights on through the house but it is a waste of energy if you spend most of your time in a different room. When you do have the lights on use energy saving light bulbs at all times, they are no longer that much more expensive than ordinary bulbs and can make a big difference.

If you are looking to shave money off your energy bills and continue to live within a strict budget there could be times where you need a bit of financial assistance. If you’ve been hit by a higher than expected energy bill, prior to making a switch to a cheaper tariff, a responsible payday loan lender could provide you with short-term relief, as long as you can afford to pay back within an agreed timeframe and terms.

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