How Extended Usage Or Drugs Lead To Overdose – Take Help Immediately

Tolerance is one of the main factors leading to overdose. The more drugs you intake, the more your body gets used to it. The dosages keep increasing as the body keeps getting acclimatizing to the amount of drugs consumed.

Addiction and tolerance often take place without the individual even realizing it, faintly progressing from the first try, habitual use to out of control. Young people tend to reach these stages more quickly, when compared to adults. Read on to understand how it happens and ways to avoid it.

Why the person prefers to have more quantity of drug doses?

  • Some drugs have craving quality, which makes the person’s brain receptors to crave for more dosages in intervals of shorter period. Thereby, gradually increasing the usual dosage often.
  • Most of the people who abuse drugs tend to become oblivious to the fact when they are overstepping their limits. Eventually is starts to take a toll on their physical and psychological health. Even the powerful drugs give you the high for a limited period, and then your body will start asking for more.

In short, the drug users start depending on enhanced drug doses to get high. This dependence leads to tolerance phase.

How the tolerance stage develops?

The brain starts malfunctioning, resulting in loss of motivation, slow learning ability and memory loss. When the morphine compound present in the drug acts on the brain receptors and transmitters, it starts inhibiting the enzymes responsible for impulse actions.

The brain elements gradually get adapted to take orders from the morphine dominated enzymes, resulting in craving for more drug doses. If the dosages are not taken as required, one could lose consciousness, increase the chances of low fertility or even lose life.

Tolerance can act quickly or slowly depending upon many factors.

  • Age of the person.
  • Medical history having influence over the health of the drug user.
  • Potency of the drug.
  • The effects of the multiple drugs consumed.
  • The quality of the drug.
  • The amount of drug doses.

Who have the more chances of getting addicted?

  • Addiction is in their hereditary. It may be their parent, sibling, distant cousins or forefathers.
  • Men are more likely to develop addiction to drugs or drink alcohol excessively.
  • Mental disorders such as depression, overstress and after things that lead to failure will have greater influence of having drugs continuously.
  • Staying aloof. People staying away from family or unable to mingle with friends, often feel solace in taking drugs.
  • Due to ignorance or desire to achieve the goals, where they have failed repeatedly.

The effects of abusing drugs or substance have resulted in effecting general health of its users. Millions of drug users and alcoholics have suffered from life threatening disease such as cancer, HIV etc.

By visiting one of the best rehabs in Texas, you can not only save yourself, but your loved one as well, who is a drug addict. It is suggested that you recognize the signs and consult one the experts at the rehab to seek proper treatment.

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