Different Sources That Generate Plastic Waste In Our Daily Life

These days, a lot of slogans and campaigns are being circulated on how to reduce plastic waste that is damaging our environment. However, if you ever check the waste bin in any household, you will find different kinds of plastic waste.

Here is a list of different plastic waste that we are generating in our day to day life and how soft plastic waste reduction programs can be implemented to get rid of them.

1. Cereal bags

You will find these bags in the waste bin of almost every house as our day starts with various cereals that we buy from supermarkets. One way you can reduce this waste is by reusing these bags once again instead of throwing them in your dust bin.

2.Kids plastic hangers

When your kids grow up then most of you feel that this item is a waste and has no use any more. Hence, they end up in your waste box. Now instead of throwing them away why don’t you donate it to some charity organization or stores who can recycle these items?

3.Old toothbrushes

This item might not be thrown on daily basis, but when its use as a toothbrush is no longer needed then instead of throwing them away you can use for cleaning certain house hold items.

4.Toothpaste tubes

This waste is generated in every household. Instead of throwing away these tubes you must collect them and when you have accumulated large numbers, you can take it to any recycle store.

5.Plastic cream or yogurt pots

If you have creative mind then instead of throwing away such items, you can utilize them for creating a nice decoration piece. You can also use these items for your gardening. You can grow plants in these pots and keep them in a controlled environment.

6.Plastic trays

When we buy soft fruits from the supermarket, they come along with a small plastic tray. Instead of throwing away these trays, you may reuse them either on your dining table to place your food or also you can use it in your kitchen for different purposes. This way, you can help in reducing plastic wastage and save our environment.

7.Packaging fresh meat

Make sure that you take reusable containers to pack your fresh meat. The scale should be at zero after placing your container. However, it is recommended that you check with your butcher whether they are ok with it or not. In case they object, make sure that you educate them on how plastic wastage is harming our environment.

8.Toddler food pouches

Normally, such pouches are made of plastic and some other material that cannot be easily recycled. However, they are also counted among plastic wastage. You can use these pouches for your shopping purpose instead of throwing them as waste. It is much easy to clean these pouches and you can continue to reuse them.

Recycling is important to save our environment, but it is also imperative to learn how to recycle plastic properly.

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