What To Know About Lab Created Opal Jewelry

When you are in the process of purchasing opal jewelry, you should consider lab created stones as an excellent choice in terms of value, social consciousness, and style. Jewelry, such as a lab created opal ring, can be an appealing addition to any wardrobe and match any type of personal style. But what are lab created opals and why are they a good choice?

The process of creating lab created opals is very similar to the process that happens in nature. Lab created gemstones can have very few physical differences from natural gemstones in composition and chemical makeup and are considered real gemstones. These gemstones are generally not considered fake or imitations. One difference can be that the mixture of minerals and the pressure is steadier, which creates a more uniform gemstone. This means the gemstone may be less likely to have color inconsistencies and flaws but just like natural gemstones, lab created stones have different grades of quality and purity. Besides opals, many other gemstones can be created in a lab. These can include diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. These gemstones often have the brilliance and clarity of top-grade natural gemstones at a fraction of the price. Some gemstones can even be modified and enhanced for better color or unique style.

What To Know About Lab Created Opal Jewelry

There are several reasons you might consider lab created opal rings, earrings, and necklaces. A lab-created opal ring can be just as beautiful as an opal ring with a gemstone found in nature. However, lab created opals are generally less expensive than natural opals. Because they are not mined, a lab created opal ring or necklace may be more environmentally and socially conscious. Lab-created stones may not create as much of a burden on the environment and natural resources. Lab created opals may also help to ease demand leading to unequal social systems built around some gemstone mining institutions. Another reason you might consider lab-created gemstones can be to enjoy their beauty while in crowded social events or traveling where your jewelry might be more likely to be lost or stolen.

You should consider a reputable jeweler when purchasing lab created opal jewelry, just as with any major jewelry purchase. When purchasing a piece of jewelry with lab-created opals, the jeweler should be able to tell you whether the opal has been created in a lab and what company made it. A lab created opal ring or earrings should have the same kind of setting as other natural stone opal rings of the same quality.

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