Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Your Foundation Fixed

The foundation of your home needs to be strong and level to keep the house standing straight. However, over time, homes tend to settle when the footings beneath begin to break down, leading to foundation problems. So how do you know when you need house foundation repair in Oklahoma? Just look for the following signs.

Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Your Foundation Fixed

Cracks in the Walls

Almost everyone knows that cracks in the exterior or interior of your home are bad news. Shifting in the foundation can lead to cracks in drywall or even brick. Look for cracks in the latter that grow like steps or in a long horizontal line. If you find vertical cracks that are growing bigger, this can mean that the wall is turning which is also a foundation issue.

Doors and Windows That Stick

When your house settles, doors and windows become uneven and tend to stick. This is because the house tips at an angle. If you’re looking for signs of settling in a new home, check if any frames or latches have been redone to accommodate the problem. If so, you’ll need home foundation repair in Oklahoma to take a look at it.

Slanting Floors

Uneven floors in the house can indicate that the house is settling. You’ll want to check your floors along the walls to the middle and then on the outer walls with a laser line, level or tape measure. Slanted floors can also be a sign of sagging support beams. Either way, you’ll need to hire help.

Uneven Mortar Joints

Looking at the mortar joints on the outside of your brick or stone house is the easiest way to know if your house is settling. Masons meticulously use levels to lay the blocks out in straight lines, so if you measure with a laser line, you should be able to see if they’re sagging. If your mortar joints are slanted, you need to call for house foundation repair in Oklahoma.

Cracked or Leaning Chimney

Your chimney is usually built at the same time as your home and therefore shares a foundation with it. If your chimney looks unstable, you may have a foundation problem. Look for cracks or a slanted position.

By looking for the above signs of foundation trouble, you’ll know when to call for house foundation repair in Oklahoma. Save money and keep your home steady and straight by taking care of problems before they become large, and always check for issues before buying a new home.

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