How To Find The Best Shower Door

A shower door can add to the beauty of your bathroom. Finding the door that best suits your taste is not hard. When shopping for a shower door, know what you want first. Here are general rules when choosing a shower door.

Consider your Space

How you want to enter and exit the shower is an important factor in choosing the right door for you. Here are some styles that you can choose from.

Take a look at the space where you plan to put your shower door. For narrow stall shower areas, a pivoting shower door is advisable. Pivoting doors can provide you an easy access. They swing out just like the other doors that you encounter daily.

If you want to cover a tub, a sliding tub door is more appropriate.

If you have a wider space, a sliding glass shower door is perfect.

Also available are bi-fold doors for those with not enough space for a pivoting door but require a wider space for entrance.

Choose a Shower Door Frame

Aside from keeping the water inside the shower area, shower door frames can also add beauty to your bathroom style.

Framed shower door frames are supported by framing and are made of either tempered or textured glass. They are more affordable than the other types of door frames and can look as classy as frameless and semi-frameless doors.

Frameless door frames are made of tempered glass and do not need metals to support the external edges. This type of door can give a modern vibe and is a good fit for those who want stonework in their shower.


This type of shower door is surrounded by metal but not around the entire frame. For those who want to achieve the look of a frameless door but are on a budget, the use of a semi-frameless door is advised.

Choose a Glass Finish

There are two main kinds of glass finish: clear and textured.

A clear finish can give the bathroom a more open look. This would require regular maintenance.

A textured finish will give you more privacy. This type is easier to clean than the clear finish.

Glass shower doors and enclosures must be made from tempered glass because it is stronger than your usual glass. When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small rounded pieces.

Take Careful Measurements

If you are going to buy your shower door or door frame, see to it that you measure the area properly. Take the measurements twice to ensure that your shower doors will fit. Otherwise, you will have to order again.

When measuring the width, measure the top, middle, and bottom. Use the widest measurement for your door width.

When measuring the height, make sure to take into consideration the height of the shower head. Base your measurement on the tallest household member.

In case you have a steam shower, the door must be high enough to keep the steam in.

The best way to get the measurements for your shower door is to get the help of a professional.

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