How To Сrush It On Сouchsurfing?

Millions of people relocate every day. Thousands of them are obsessed with traveling. Obsession doesn’t know any obstacles, so when fancy hotels is not an option for you, there is a Couch Surfing where you don’t have to pay for staying. Is it a database of a free night’s lodgings or more than that? How to benefit with Couch Surfing and turn your solo travel into an exciting adventure?

Let’s take around on basic features

Couch Surfing has a plenty of description fields to fill before placing your profile. On the search field, you can see not only the availability and time, but also occupation, interests, and other information the host decided to share. This is opposite to regular travel websites. Think about why is it crucial and why do people see this information and not the number of rooms with the photographs of sleeping places, baths room, and a kitchen? Which values does Couch Surfing promote?

The mission

The original purpose of the network is to create a community which loves to travel and meet new friends. Yes, this is free, but you get much more than saving some extra cash. During solo travel, you can find friends by viewing interests and preferences. This is planning your atmosphere. When you meet the person, know for sure that there is a lot in common to discuss. Reaching new people is one of the most important and exciting advantages during traveling experience. You never know who will you meet. Couch surfing created a simple search of people by interests which reduces the risk of miscommunication and improves chances to find real friends.

Traveling must be affordable

Another mission of Couch Surfing community is to make the trip experience affordable. It doesn’t only mean free bed, but also a free tip-top tour. Usually, a tourist has to pay from 10 to 100 USD for such a trip through the city. By meeting a guy who is ready to show you the main sightseeing places you will save more money. This is also ideal for hosts. How long ago have you walked the whole day long through your city? Even if you do it every day, walking with a person who is doing it for the very first time is completely different. It is a chance to check out your town from the brand new perspective.

How to crush it?

Whether you are a traveler or a host, it is important to realize the main principles of the community to avoid awkward situations and misunderstanding. If you are doing everything right, you will experience an exciting trip.

For a traveler

To find a beautiful place with friendly people you have to take into account the rules and principles of Couch Surfing. Check the interests of the host and think about what could you offer to a person to make the visit enjoyable. The request message is important. Writing “Hello, I am a copywriter on and would like to sleep in your apartment.” will be rejected. Explain yourself. Tell about your trip, why are you doing it, what do you do for life, what is your plan and offer a few ideas how to spend time together that might interest the host depending on what he stated in his or her profile.

For a host

To attract new travelers, who will not only sleep on your bed and use your bathroom, you should write in your page something attractive. If you state “party included” you will attract big and noisy groups who will bring alcohol and put on loud music. By stating “I have a nice place next to the fireplace to have a cup of tea or cocoa.” you will get a request from solo or pair of traveler who will gladly discuss with you some issues which are attractive to both of you. Write what you can offer. If you don’t want to walk around the city, mention this in your profile.


By working together, we create an exciting traveling community and meet new people. It is up to you how to use this opportunity. Be open-minded and let various people become your buddies!

The article is provided by Joseph Sartori.

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