6 Ways To Be A Better Camper

To free ourselves from the busy days and the cruel city world, we sometimes go outdoors and if not the beach, we go camping.

Camping has always been a part of Americans, and it seems the more back to basics, it is the better. Being basic doesn’t mean being a poor steward of the earth. We all need to be responsible and eco-friendly campers.

How many times have you been hiking way up in the mountains or out in the forest and find some empty beer cans.  Why is it that the guys that carried full cans into the woods don’t have enough energy to carry the empty cans back out the woods? We don’t own the world, we are just passing through. What the world needs are not great campers, but conscientious campers. So to be one of them, I’ve listed here 6 ways on how to achieve them.

Pack it in Pack it Out

This basic rule since the day where we started to run and play with our toys was to clean up our own messes. Our parents always have to remind us, if you take it out, when you’re done you put it away. So, wherever we camp, our motto is to leave it better than we found it.

Be an Environmentalist

Let’s admit that some of the things we bring during camping are environmentally hazardous which could clearly affect the ecosystem. So if it is possible, try to use products that are environmentally safe.

Be in the Right Location

Picking an area that is best for the type of camping you do requires a bit of investigation. You can look on Myhuntinglands.com and check out the topographic maps.  You want to choose level ground and usually not too close to water.

Fire and Fire it Out

Camp fires are where memories are made.  Camping and the smell of wood burning are almost inseparable but as we have seen this year with all of the droughts, fires can be extremely dangerous.  Always, always, be sure your fire is out completely. If possible dose it with water and when you a sure it’s out, cover it with dirt.

But before we do that, let’s pay attention to any fire restrictions; where fires are allowed, any fire rings to use, where we can get the wood and what to do during and after the camp fire.

Follow rules!

Rules are created for some good reasons, remember you went there to camp and the rules are to make it safe and fun for everyone. Restrictions are often there to help avoid danger.

One of the safest tips to really bear in mind during outdoor is to follow rules.

Be Thankful!

This might sound absurd but I strongly believe that we take for granted all of the public land and national forests that are available for us to use.  Our forefathers paid a dear price to get this land and our taxes and the taxes of our children maintain it.  We as Americans should use it, appreciate it and if possible, help procure more of it.  Our grandchildren would appreciate the opportunity to sit in the woods around a campfire, go to sleep in a backpacking tent and curl up in a sleeping bag and awake to the sound of song birds or bullfrogs croaking on the banks. It’s America and we should be proud of it!

Anthony Carter contributes to many camping and travelling websites including SleepyBearCamping. If you would like to read more articles written by Anthony, visit the website.

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