What to See in Kampung Arab Palembang?

Kampung Arab (Arabic Village), which is located in Seberang Ulu II District, Palembang, South Sumatra, is actually one of many fabulous places in Indonesia where you can find the people who have the Arabic ethnic live with their community. This wonderful place will definitely show you the amazing Arabic cultures and traditions especially if you really notice the nuance in this village. So then, you will definitely find that this place can stand apart from any other villages in the city. Aside of that, it can also offer you remarkable spots you will admire so much. So, do you really find out about what to see in kampung Arab in Palembang? You better keep reading below.

Kampung Arab Palembang

Well, here are some great spots that you can recognize as what to see in kampung arab Palembang, which can be like:

  • The distinctive Arabic styled homes

One of the spots that you have to see when you visit the Kampung Arab in Palembang City is the numerous distinctive Arabic styled homes. You can actually find them by exploring the narrow streets there. By doing so, you will see that there are so many big and high homes with wide doors and windows. So then, the air can flow so flawlessly, and then make the homes become so cool and comfortable to live in. Then, it is so much recommended for you to visit the home of Hasan Abdurrahman Al-Munawar that is the first Arabian who came and lived in the village. This specific home will show you the notable design which has been lasting for hundred years even though it was only made of wood which is called as Ulin. Moreover, there are several homes which give you the unique facts because they have been built to face the Musi River. Those homes are actually for the elder ones who have the higher religious seniority in the village.

  • The Musi River

Furthermore, the other place that you have to see when you come to Kampung Arab in Palembang is the Musi River. This river, which has been known so well as one of the longest rivers in the country, will be able to offer you the eyes pleasing view as the iconic Ampera Bridge lies there. The perfect combination of the river and the bridge and its lighting will definitely show you the jaw dropping scenery especially when you go there in the evening. So, do not ever be surprised that you can fall in love with Palembang City instantly once you have spent your time on the river.

After putting it all together, there are some the best spots of what to see in kampung Arab in Palembang. Each of them will be offering you the different experiences while you are spending your spare time in the city. However, all of them can definitely make you feel the same excellent excitements that you might not find any other places. So, hopefully, those places can make you come again and again to Palembang City, Indonesia.

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