TheOneSpy –Mobile and Windows Tracking Software Review

TheOneSpy is advanced spying software allowing tracking OS mobile phones and Windows PCs. The surveillance software is intended for employers and parents to watch out the mobile phones and computer devices of their business personnel and offspring. The app allows monitoring and controlling target devices staying behind the scenes. This software is compatible with all phone models running OS version 5 to 6. It supports all computer brands including Dell, HP, Acer, LG, Sony, and Samsung running Windows 7, 8 and 10. There are monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions of the Mobile and Windows spy software.

TheOneSpy –Mobile and Windows Tracking Software Review

Features of Phone Monitoring Software

The main features of the Mobile Spying software are enlisted below.

Monitor Call Logs

The end-user can listen to phone calls received on or made from Blackberry and record them. The app provides call logs showing time and duration of each incoming and outgoing call and name and phone number of the caller and answerer.

Read SMS, PIN and BBM Messages

Parents can read the text messages, instant messages and peer to peer messages received and sent by their kids, and track the contact information of the person with whom the kids are conversing.

View Contacts

The contacts saved in the Phonebook containing the name, mobile phone number, office and landline number of the contact can be viewed and deleted.

Retrieve Media Files

The photos stored on the phone memory can be viewed and downloaded. Even the intentionally and unintentionally deleted and hidden photos can also be recovered.

Record Surroundings

You can remotely operate the microphone and camera of the targeted Blackberry phone to secretly listen to the conversations of your children and employees, and get the surrounding view captured in form of photos and videos.

Track Emails

The text of incoming and outgoing email can be read, the timestamp and email address of the sender and receiver of those emails can be tracked.

GPS Location Tracker

You can find out the whereabouts of your target and find the lost or stolen Blackberry phone with GPS location tracker.

Features of Windows Monitoring Software

Given are the core features of the Windows Computers monitoring app.

Apps and Websites Use Report

The app provides the user with the reports indicating most visiting websites and apps. The user can also categorize the apps and websites as productive and unproductive to assess the employee activity.

On-Demand Screenshots

Whatever appears on the screen of Windows computer can be captured with screenshots.

Website Blocking

Parents can block objectionable websites entering the URL of the inappropriate sites or putting words to block the websites containing those words.

Alarm Alerts

You can set alarms on specific activities to be notified if your children or employees perform that activity.

Multiple Platform Support

The TheOneSpy license can be switched between numerous devices and operating systems. The swapping does not compromise data of any device.

What are Pluses?

· It is a cross-platform app that supports both Mobile and Windows OS.
· It allows blocking websites by keywords.

What are Minuses?

· It does not offer social media app monitoring on Phone.
· It does not allow parents to limit screen time for children.


Though there are numerous applications to monitor phones and Windows OS computers, TheOneSpy is a feature-rich app that allows cell phone spy and controlling a device simultaneously. It is a cross-platform application that supports mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets of multiple brands.

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