Review Of The FEIYUE FY-03 EAGLE-3 –Off-road RC Car

The FEIYUE FY-03 EAGLE-3 is an astonishing 4WD off-road car at a gauge 1:12. It is specially intended for contest and for off-road racing!

Review Of The FEIYUE FY-03 EAGLE-3 –Off-road RC Car


The FEIYUE FY-03 EAGLE-3 as we stated at the start, is an off-road race car. It is prepared out of ABS plus derives at red and green. Derives with a Left/right hand regulate as a controller and by a RTR version. For controlling usages a 2.4 GHz radio scheme with a four wheel drive. The foremost parts are made out of metal for endurance and the whole car is 1:12 scale of the real one! The FY-03 is suitable for kids above 14 years old. Weights 1226 grams and comes with dimensions 389 x 225 x 170mm.

It’s especially made for racing and also for competition!  The FEIYUE FY-03 EAGLE-3 as we said in the start, is a race car that is off-road.  It is made from ABS as well as comes in green and red.  Has a Left and right hand controller for a director and using a RTR model.


The FEIYUE FY-03 EAGLE-3 for moving usages a 380 class big power motor, which creates the car powerful! Prepared with a 220 A class electron step-less rapidity controller, you have precise control on the means the car moves. Obviously as we said this is a 4WD car, thus it moves like it. For this cause, the front plus rear wheel are setup toward pulverous alloy by addition rigidity on a difference gear. For the uneven ground the car usages hydraulic pressure to engross the shock. The tires are particularly equipped with antiskid and scrape proof rubber.

A 380 class power engine, creating the automobile sturdy is used through the FEIYUE FY-03 EAGLE-3 for transporting!  Prepared with a 220 A course electron rapidity control that is step-less, you have regulator.  Of course we stated this is actually a 4WD car, so it goes like it.  Owing to this, back wheel plus front are set up by the addition of firmness to pulverous metal.  For the ground hydraulic pressure is used through the car.  The tires are prepared with abrasion and antiskid resistant rubberized.  We could see that it is accompanied through an additional tire, for a distinct hand, it’s measured a decoration, which creates the RC Car special it might replace the one that is smashed.


The FEIYUE FY-03 EAGLE-3 derives a 7.4V 1500mAh Li-ion battery. The sizes of the battery are 85 x 35 x 18mm. You will need about 180 minutes to fully charge the battery and after that you could drive the car wild for around 15 minutes. For the remote controller you would need 4 x 1.5V AA batteries.


The FEIYUE FY-03 EAGLE-3 is an actually impressive, fast as well as very sturdy 4WD car for off-road racing. These show an automobile that is grander and confirm it is capable to quicken over 35km/h!  However with the wheel shock engrossing rear suspension, plus suspension system, your travel would be fast but steady.  Thus like stride with your kids’ delight.

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