Price Is Important But Choose A Reliable Janitorial Cleaning Service

Price Is Important But Choose A Reliable Janitorial Cleaning ServiceJanitorial cleaning services can range in wildly different prices. Many national services may be extremely cheap but can prove to be very unreliable in terms of quality janitorial care. When comparing “bids”the smaller local cleaning company might come in at a higher cost but their level of service will merit that cost difference. The old saying of penny wise and dollar foolish absolutely rings true in the commercial cleaning industry.

The benefits of choosing reliablejanitorial services for your company outweighs its negatives. If you insist on utilizing a cleaning company simply based on the lowest price then you may end up facing more problems other than poor cleaning and unreliable service

Hiring the lowest cost facility cleaning company  can cost you more in the long run rather than help you save money. A clean and comfortable work area will help your employees be more productive than when working in an unkempt area. Having a dirty and unhygienic workplace will cause delays to your employee production; this can cause low morale to your employees plus it can create a negative impact on your company’s reputation which is partly based on the appearance and the cleanliness of the establishment.

Employee absenteesim costs billions to companies in the US each and every year. How many times have you seen that one employee with the perfect attendance record show up sick with the flu, only to spread it around in the office? And then your low cost cleaning company shows up and barely empties the garbage cans! Its exactly at this point in time that all the surfaces that people come into contact each and every dayshould be sanitized. The number of germs on a telephone will astound you and prevent you from using any phone other you’re your own. A reliable and conscientious janitorial service will use disposable Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes on all the telephones, door handles, light switches and all the other germ collecting surfaces that number too many to mention! Have you ever noticed the dirty towels that are constantly re-used by some of these low-cost business cleaning companies? Becauseof their cheap labor cost, these service providers often use substandard materials, equipment and untrained labor in their operation to cope with their expenses. The result? Dirty restrooms, dusty surfaces, computers and furniture as well as unvacuumed carpets.  in using low-quality detergents or cleaning agents. They will literally send in one cleaning person for every two that is required.

Having a reliable service provider to take care of your company’s cleanliness and maintenance will give you peace of mind. When you choose to pay a higher price for a janitorial cleaning service, you expect to receive the best for your company and can be more confident in your expectations. You can be assured that their personnel will be trained and bonded housekeeping professionals and will be courteous to your staff andclients.

Reputable janitorial companies use state of the art technologyin their operationsto enable them to get more work completedfaster and efficiently.  They also have all the right equipment that is paramount for the safety of their workers and all of those that are using the area where they are cleaning. These companies only hire cleaning personnel that have been thoroughly background and drug tested before they are considered for employment.

You may end up paying a bit more for reliable janitorial services but the end results will be far more beneficial to your company in the long run. You will absolutely see a cleaner and more orderly workplace which will result in productive employees and impressed clients. The peace of mind that you will get in knowing that your office is tidy and clean is also priceless. Therefore, the cost of services shouldn’t be the weighing factor when choosing a business cleaning service. You want to get total value for your company and the budget that you are working with.

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